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The field of biotechnology instrumentation has been an expanding one ever since the emergence of the Human Genome Project over twenty-five years ago. The Project, with its major access to key universities, national laboratories and government funding sources, greatly accelerated developments in the field – to the point that today in the U.S. over 95% of newborns are screened for genetic metabolic disorders using mass spectrometry.

Beyond mass spec, the global biotech and instrumentation market has seen rapid technological development. The market for gas chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, high throughput screening, biochemistry analyzers, quantitative and digital polymerase chain reaction instrumentation, and electrophoresis equipment has grown as applications – as for biomarkers and drug discovery – have increased.’s collection of market research studies encompasses reports that cover the total global market, featuring comprehensive analytics segmented by technology and country or region. Brand performance and financial trends in the market are explored, including annual estimates and forecasts. Future technologies are identified, with detailed examination of market opportunities. End-user surveys of life scientists are available, as well as studies outlining the impact of government and regulatory agency practices and pronouncements.

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Instrumentation & Equipment Industry Research & Market Reports

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