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  • In-Car Entertainment in Chile

    ... campaign. Chileans were thus able to use their cars to travel once more. This created demand for new cars, which are viewed as a safer way to travel without the need to use public or ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Portugal

    ... affected by the pandemic, as restrictions on movement meant that most local consumers spent much less time in their cars. Meanwhile, in-car navigation continues to be cannibalised by smartphones, with a growing number of consumers ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Ukraine

    ... a lack of movement outside of the home as a result of the pandemic, restricting commuting and general travel in terms of car usage during the strictest of measures, sales of new cars are also ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Greece

    ... the economic shock of the pandemic, which resulted in a sharp decline in consumer confidence. They will continue to decline during 2021, albeit at a more modest rate, as local consumers move around more and ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Russia

    ... years during 2021. Growth in demand for in-car speakers will be particularly strong. Nonetheless, retail volume sales of both in-car speakers and in-dash media players will decline during 2021, as fewer local consumers seek to ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in France

    ... they were much more inclined to spend money on home entertainment than in-car entertainment during the year, with demand for in-car navigation particularly weak. More broadly, many consumers now prefer to use smartphone navigation apps ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in South Korea

    ... services and watching films in their car rather than doing so at karaoke venues and movie theatres to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus. Therefore, many car entertainment accessories have been introduced to the category. ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

    ... and music streaming apps to be accessed via dashboard displays. The rising quality of in-built electronic devices is also expected to apply downward pressure on in-car entertainment sales growth. Euromonitor International's In-Car Entertainment in Saudi ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Israel

    ... Furthermore, restrictions on travel further exacerbated the decline in 2020, and will continue to do so in 2021. While some demand is starting to return in 2021, the retail volume sales are set to remain ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Argentina

    ... 2021 due to the sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, the government prohibited the movement of people, except those of essential workers, in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires between 20.00hrs ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Egypt

    ... campaign, calling for the boycott of buying cars which led to a reduction in prices of several car models. Moreover, The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has recently decided to raise the maximum instalments allowed ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Turkey

    ... by inflation in the TRY, high interest rates, and other economic factors which have combined to drive vehicle sales down. This has been particularly noted in sales of second-hand vehicles, as these are the types ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Vietnam

    ... the country decreasing by 8% according to the Automobile Manufacturers Association. While sales of domestically assembled cars have reduced by 1%, sales of imported cars decreased by 17%. As a knock-on effect, in-car entertainment experienced ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Taiwan

    ... penetration of substitutes in the form of smartphones. COVID-19 has also affected demand as Taiwanese consumers are less willing to purchase in-car electronics due to their weaker purchasing power during the pandemic. Euromonitor International's In-Car ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Norway

    ... price sensitivity in the country has increased during the pandemic, leading consumers to limit purchases of non-essential products, including in-car entertainment. Many consumers have smartphones or in-built in-car entertainment features, further demotivating consumers to invest ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Sweden

    ... the use of and demand for in-car navigation and speakers and in-dash media players. The long-term decline trend in in-car entertainment is expected to remain visible over 2021, underpinned by a slow return to travel ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Hong Kong, China

    ... in-car navigation systems is drivers that travel between Hong Kong and China on a regular basis, the highly restricted travel flows between the two regions to prevent the spread of the virus accelerated the deterioration ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Indonesia

    ... year, the number of virus cases has significantly increased, placing pressure on consumers’ financial positions. With Indonesians spending longer periods of time at home, purchasing in-car entertainment has become less of a priority as they ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Poland

    ... of financing available to consumers in an effort to stimulate demand has not translated to higher sales. This has compounded the impact of the existing issue of the development of in-built systems as car manufacturers ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in the United Arab Emirates

    ... have seen major improvements in recent years. Standard factory-fitted sound systems and satellite navigation devices are increasingly common even for mid-priced brands, with good-quality in-car entertainment systems fitted. This is limiting consumer demand for aftermarket ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Australia

    ... devices are not only offered in luxury cars but are increasingly common for mid-priced brands too. These mid-priced cars are typically fitted with high quality in-car entertainment systems as a standard or additional feature. As ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Colombia

    ... entire financial year of 2020. This represented an almost-third of a decline when compared to 2019. According to Asociacion Nacional de Movilidad Sostenible (National Association for Sustainable Mobility) (ANDEMOS), this was one of the steepest ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Morocco

    ... COVID-19 on consumer spending power, and growing competition from other consumer electronics. For example, smartphones can be used as in-car navigation devices, and also play music, especially with the latest music apps such as Spotify. ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in the Czech Republic

    ... pandemic, this situation worsened due to the restrictive measures on international and domestic travel that will continue to limit sales throughout 2021. In a bid to combat this, car manufacturers are increasingly adapting their in-car ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Hungary

    ... much more. Moreover, in 2021 in-car navigation faces strengthening competition from smartphones and in-built navigation systems in cars. Euromonitor International's In-Car Entertainment in Hungary report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of ... Read More

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