Call Centers Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Call centers are utilized by companies for inbound and/or outbound telephone calls and usually offer customer service or technical support to customers with complaints, inquiries, or technical issues. Other call centers include telemarketing, market research, and soliciting for charitable donations. In 2013, the revenue of telemarketing and call centers earned over $18 billion in the U.S. along with almost 100,000 people employed in telecommunications as customer service representatives.

In the 1960s large companies began investing money in departments dedicated to customer service and slowly evolved to the modern call center of today. With new technology, call centers are constantly evolving. Cloud storage, reporting systems, and operating systems have allowed call centers to minimize paper waste, become properly measured for optimal metric results in the most effective and efficient manner.

Market Research can help companies determine their customer service by improving or starting a customer service department. There are many elements that encompass a successful customer service experience such as customer support software, email and live chat support, phone tress, reporting software, and much more.

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Call Centers Industry Research & Market Reports

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