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A debit card may also be referred to as a check card or bank card. Similar in appearance to a credit card, a debit card is connected to a bank account and allows the cardholder electronic access to the account. Some debit cards draw against a stored value and others send a message to the financial institution to withdraw funds from a specific account.

Debit cards have become so widespread they have almost replaced checks and are even increasingly used in place of cash. Debit cards are used quite often to make purchases over the internet or via telephone, similar to a credit card. However, debit cards are different from credit cards in that the funds are immediately transferred rather than paid back at a future date.

Another feature of debit cards is that they are used at an automated teller machine or ATM to withdraw money from a bank account. Also, some merchants will allow customers making purchases with a debit card to get “cash back” or withdraw money from their account as well.

One significant difference between using a debit card at a point of purchase is the necessity of a PIN or personal identification number. This is required for security purposes when withdrawing money from an ATM or making a purchase at a merchant. A benefit of using a debit card over a credit card is the lack of extra charges. While a credit card may charge high fees and have interest rates, a debit card allows a user to make transactions at virtually no charge.

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Debit Cards Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Payments Landscape in Singapore: Opportunities and Risks to 2022

    ... It provides values and volumes for a number of key performance indicators in the industry, including cash, cards, credit transfers, direct debits, and cheques during the review-period (2014-18e). The report also analyzes various payment card ... Read More

  • Payments Landscape in France: Opportunities and Risks to 2022

    ... It provides values and volumes for a number of key performance indicators in the industry, including credit transfers, direct debits, cash, cards, and cheques during the review-period (2014-18e). The report also analyzes various payment card ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in the United Kingdom

    ... in circulation, has made debit card transactions easier and quicker. UK consumers are using debit cards to pay for small daily purchases as the acceptance of contactless debit cards has spread even to small convenience ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in the United Kingdom

    ... reward method for their employees. Gift cards allow employees to choose where to spend their money, while facilitating the distribution of rewards for the company. Gift cards are also replacing cash gifts given by households. ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in Venezuela

    ... country should be intended to at least be able to pay for short transportation trips or small goods. However, such a premise is far from the reality in Venezuela. Thus, in 2018 President Nicolás Maduro ... Read More

  • Credit Cards in Venezuela

    ... is much lower than the inflation rate seen in 2018, which amounted to 1,000,000%, according to International Monetary Fund (IFM). Inflation is expected to continue growing over the forecast period, remaining in triple digits, which ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Vietnam

    ... many banks also collaborated with companies to open salary accounts for their employees. With a higher number of bank account holders, the number of debit cards automatically increased because all ATM cards in Vietnam are ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Germany

    ... however, passengers will have the option to make journeys from one tariff system to another as 377 transportation companies have agreed to integrate their different tariff information into a large data pool. The potential customer ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Thailand

    ... becoming a more convenient payment method and is spreading its use to mobile applications. Therefore, pre-paid cards are now linked more to e-wallet accounts to refill money and expanded to be used for other payment ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Turkey

    ... entering the fast-growing pre-paid cards category to tap into the increasing consumer preference for online shopping and to target the large unbanked population, which provides huge potential for growth. With the introduction of a new ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Venezuela

    ... rate in the previous year, as set out in the law. It is important to note that in 2018, two or three adjustments were made to the amount, which was due to inflation. Furthermore, there ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Vietnam

    ... usage is the main hindrance factor. Some banks only allow customers to top up their pre-paid cards at the counters, rather than at ATM machines or via internet banking, creating further inconvenience. Euromonitor International's Pre-Paid ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in Singapore

    ... society, an increasing number of merchants, including hawker centres and foodservice outlets, are accepting card payments, resulting in a higher number of consumers using cards to pay. Moreover, various financial cards in Singapore are starting ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in Turkey

    ... numbers of consumers prefer debit cards instead of cash for micropayments. Reward schemes introduced by leading debit card issuers are also increasing the appeal of debit cards for consumers. While lagging behind the performance of ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Germany

    ... attributed to the longstanding presence of the Girocard and the strong position of saving banks in Germany. Furthermore, most debit cards are now equipped with contactless technology, which has continued to be accepted by consumers ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Singapore

    ... government efforts. With unsecured borrowing on credit cards nearing a 10-year peak, not only did the government implement strong regulations, but consumers themselves started turning away from credit cards in favour of debit cards in ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Sweden

    ... novelty, only having been launched by niche player ICA Banken in 2015. Euromonitor International's Debit Transactions in Sweden report establishes the size and structure of the market for ATMs cards, smart cards, credit cards, debit ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Thailand

    ... is not required to be a certain age or make a certain level of income to be able to acquire a debit card. Moreover, the dual function of debit cards that can be used for ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Turkey

    ... is that debit card payments are increasingly seen as more convenient than cash payments, particularly in the case of micro payments. According to a survey by Interbank Card Center, debit card usage is highest around ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Ukraine

    ... cash as the prevalent payment instrument in Ukraine. Despite the absence of significant incentives from the government to popularise card payment, consumers are naturally turning to payment cards due to their convenience and safety. Generally, ... Read More

  • Debit Cards in Venezuela

    ... consumers prefer to pay for their purchases with debit cards. This trend is determined by several factors, one of the main ones being the difficulty of carrying the large sums of money required to make ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Singapore

    ... government’s insistence on Singapore moving towards cashless transactions has in fact aided the growth in open loop pre-paid cards because of the growing multi-functionality and convenience that these cards present as an alternative to cash. ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Sweden

    ... such as the further concentration of the population in the largest cities where a driver’s licence is not considered the near necessity it can be in the more sparsely populated parts of Sweden. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Pre-Paid Cards in Ukraine

    ... Europe, which takes place in Kiev, Atlas Weekend, is a major venue for this. The festival is completely cashless, with only card payments accepted for various goods and services. If an attendee does not have ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in Germany

    ... themselves to be willing to spend their money, increasingly using cards instead of cash. New EU regulations, such as the Interchange Fee Regulation and a ban on card charges, helped to boost both the volume ... Read More

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