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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • IDC PlanScape: Digitally Enabled Thinking Supply Chain

    ...Digitally Enabled Supply Chain with Manufacturing Use Cases (IDC #US42434217, April 2017), followed by this document, an IDC TechScape, and then ultimately a series of IDC MarketScape documents as capabilities mature. The purpose of this ... Read More

  • Turkey B2C E-Commerce Market 2017

    ...spurred the strong double-digit growth rate of online sales over the recent years in Turkey. Nevertheless, only about one in three of connected consumers actually completed online purchases in 2016, revealing the lack of trust ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Patient Engagement for Digital Transformation

    ...why, what, who, and how of patient engagement for digital transformation as well as outlines key players, critical success factors, and actions to consider. This IDC PlanScape is intended for IT buyers such as CIOs, ... Read More

  • Canadian ICT Forecast, 2017–2021

    ...Forecast, 2016–2020 (IDC #CA40623616, June 2016)."The Canadian ICT market hit a milestone in 2016 as it goes through a transition to the 3rd Platform. For the first time, ever, Canadian ICT spending surpassed C$100 billion ... Read More

  • Poland B2C E-Commerce Market 2017

    ...Though more advanced European markets have better Internet and online shopper penetration rates, Poland’s E-Commerce sales for 2016 maintained a higher growth rate than the regional average, as revealed in the report. E-Commerce growth ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Practices for Quality Management from quality management vendors on customer implementations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of best practices but rather an analysis of five leading practices we have observed through recent vendor and ... Read More

  • Qatar Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...strong platform for furthergrowth over the medium term. The outlook did weaken slightly in 2017 with the diplomatic spat betweenQatar and Saudi Arabia, which will threaten economic performance and IT market development if thesituation deteriorates ... Read More

  • Global Data Analytics Outsourcing Market 2017-2021

    ...arriving at decisions based on the outcome of the data analysis. Organizations generate a tremendous amount of data from departments such as HR, procurement, production, and sales and marketing. Data analysis is used to infer ... Read More

  • Global IT-as-a-service 2017-2021

    ...with an optimum level of flexibility and scalability. ITaaS is emerging in the global IT service market to tackle several of these issues, relieving the leadership of justifying IT investments over the bottom line. However, ... Read More

  • India Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...of rising household incomes - and the lowpenetration rates for devices and solutions. However, the contraction in demand for PCs (tablets andnotebooks) as well as low-end printers and networking equipment resulted in a sharp drop ... Read More

  • Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2017

    ...growing online retail markets in Europe according to results from 2016 cited in the report. B2C E-Commerce sales from last year made for a double-digit growth rate after having recovered from a weaker development ... Read More

  • Global Advanced Persistent Threat Protection Market Forecast 2017-2025

    ...Gained deployment of cloud technology and high spending on IT security is the primary market drivers in the advanced persistent threat protection market. MARKET INSIGHTS The global persistent threat protection market is segmented on the ... Read More

  • Worldwide Order Management Applications Software Market Shares, 2016: Year of B2B Customer Experience Improvements 2016 over 2015) to reach $2.8 billion. Growth in the order management market was driven by the need for omni-channel "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere" processes in digital commerce. As the digital commerce world evolves, ... Read More

  • Brazil Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...foroutperformance due to the extent of deferred spending in 2015 and 2016 at the height of the economiccrisis. Optimism surrounding the IT market outlook is however moderated by the high level of political risk,with the ... Read More

  • Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Business ICT Forecast, 2017–2021

    ...of this document and for the document series in general, the SMB market is defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees. The document inspects SMB spending for IT products and services:HardwareSoftwareIT servicesTelecom servicesThe SMB ... Read More

  • Egypt Information Technology Report Q3 2017 contraction of US dollar spending in 2017,before a rebound as purchasing power recovers and vendors will again be able to tap into low penetrationrates and modernisation trends. Stronger IT market performance over 2018-2021 is ... Read More

  • Global DevOps Platform Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022

    ...2022. North America is the highest contributor to the overall market share and will continue to remain so for the duration of the forecast period. The IT, telecom, retail and BFSI industries are the main ... Read More

  • Global IT Services Sales Market Report 2017

    ...the top players in global and major regions, and splits the IT Services market by product and Application/end industries. The IT services sales will reach about 1011 billion USD in 2017 from 875 billion USD ... Read More

  • – SWOT Framework Analysis, Amazon also operates through various international websites. Amazon has established separate websites in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, and China. On November 21, 2005, Amazon entered the S&P 500 index, and, ... Read More

  • ICT Investment Trends in Brazil: Growing demand for digital innovation shaping enterprises’ IT investments strategy

    ...political scandals that still continue to challenge the fragile economic recovery of the country, Brazil displays a promising ground for future investments and economic upturn. Brazilian enterprises allocated a major proportion of their average hardware ... Read More

  • IDC MaturityScape: Customer Communications Management 1.0 leaders, marketing and operations executives, and business managers engaged in numerous customer-facing processes. These stakeholders can use the stages of this study to evaluate the current capability of the CCM function within their organization, ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Talent Management Practices for IT Bench

    ...successful and continually evolving talent management strategy as evidenced by low turnover rates, high levels of employee engagement and, perhaps most importantly, the agile rollout of highly successful digital offerings that are new sources of ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...and services. Capability-enhancing andefficiency-generating solutions will be the main area of outperformance, while vendors can also benefitfrom targeting enterprises establishing in Hong Kong as a regional hub. The outlook is, however, weak forhardware spending because ... Read More

  • Vietnam Information Technology Report Q3 2017 intensive activities, andrising purchasing power that is boosting the retail market. It is also an important production centre for IThardware, and continues to attract investment, while software development outsourcing services areanother rapidly growing area ... Read More

  • Worldwide and U.S. IT Outsourcing Services Market Shares, 2016: Top 10 Worldwide and U.S. IT Outsourcers either maintain leadership or climb the ranks to become the leader in this market. Please note that IDC now refers to IS outsourcing as IT outsourcing (ITO). For further details, see IDC's Worldwide Services ... Read More

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