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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global Pharmaceutical Logistics Market 2017-2021

    ...other related logistics functions. As some of the pharmaceutical products are temperature sensitive, cold storage is required throughout the supply chain to maintain the quality of the products. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, the only customer segment of ... Read More

  • VeriFone Systems, Inc. : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

    ...contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services, SWOT analysis, business description, company history, financial analysis, mergers & acquisitions, recent developments, key employees, company locations and subsidiaries, employee biographies as well as competitive ... Read More

  • IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: IT Security in ASEAN, 2017

    ...2.0 (IDC #US40661915, December 2015). Together, they provide a comprehensive overview of IDC's IT security maturity model.This study also presents the current state of enterprise security based on quantitative research. The results in this study ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Practices for Improving the Use of Threat Analytic Tools

    ...topic, prefer not to be directly quoted in the document, and leading regional security vendors and systems integrators. Leading contributors include a large US-based healthcare organization, a global managed security service provider and a large ... Read More

  • Japan Converged Systems Market Shares, 2016: Hyperconverged Systems Continue Rapid Growth

    ...integrated platform market, Japan integrated infrastructure and certified reference systems market, and Japan hyperconverged systems market."In 2016, there was a significant difference in the growth rates for different segments in the converged systems market. Hyperconverged ... Read More

  • IDC MaturityScape: Managing Enterprise Content 1.0

    ..."management" no longer applies — at least from the human perspective — as artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive solutions largely assume the management roles. It is intended to help organizations evaluate current content management infrastructure ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Real-Time Intelligence Centers respond to crime quickly, with better insight and evidence, and in the right format for various personnel to consume. RTICs colocate human and technological expertise, which provides officers and investigators with a shared capacity ... Read More

  • France Information Technology Report Q4 2017

    ...H117 by elevated political risk. The election of Macron, and the potentialimplementation of pro-market reforms is expected to create new opportunities for IT vendors as enterprisesentiment moves higher, but there are still regional risks, for ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Information Technology Report Q4 2017

    ...such asfinancial services, research and retail. Despite the uncertainty generated by Brexit these should continue tobe major strengths, but there is pressure on purchasing power due to sterling depreciation, as well as athreat to some ... Read More

  • Global E-commerce Logistics Market 2017-2021

    ...transfer it to the logistics platform. The e-commerce logistics services include transportation, warehousing, and other services like inventory management, IT services, management of fulfillment operations, and performing supply chain network analysis and design. Technavio’s analysts ... Read More

  • Japan IT Security Forecast, 2017-2021

    ...include zero-day attacks that target unknown vulnerabilities and attacks that use polymorphic malware that employs algorithms that use available encryption keys to create encrypted self-copies that change with each infection. With these more sophisticated cyberattacks, ... Read More

  • Global BPO Business Analytics Market 2017-2021

    ...expertise in the required domain. BPO business analytics services manage analytics related to business processes in organizations so that enterprises can focus on their core competencies and business processes. Business analytics has made it easier ... Read More

  • Global Retail E-Commerce Software Market Research Report 2017 conditions, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, united Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China). The report firstly introduced the Retail E-Commerce Software basics: ... Read More

  • Western Europe Digital Transformation Forecast, 2016–2020

    ...25% are about to embark on a transformation journey. In 2016, Western Europe was the third largest region by DX spending after Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) and the U.S. in the first and second place, respectively, ... Read More

  • Japan Traditional IT Infrastructure Market Forecast, 2017-2021

    ...system, and Ethernet switches. "It is not enough to provide customers with only vendor proprietary products. Besides maintaining good relationship with customers in mission-critical areas, it is also necessary to deepen the engagement with customers ... Read More

  • Worldwide IT Operations Analytics Market Shares, 2016: Strong Growth Continues The worldwide IT operations analytics software market totaled $1.9 billion in 2016 when calculated in current U.S. dollars. IDC estimates that the worldwide market grew by 32.9% over 2015. Splunk took top market share ... Read More

  • Japan Business Process Outsourcing Service Providers Business Status 2017

    ...Future Outlook Essential Guidance Synopsis This IDC study summarizes business trends among major providers in the Japan BPO services market. New technologies to support digital transformation (DX) continue to be introduced, with automation being a ... Read More

  • Chile Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...expected to drive the market, but we caution thatdownside exists in the form of Chile's exposure to global commodities prices and the squeeze on PCspending from technology trends. Latest Updates And Industry Developments Computer Hardware ... Read More

  • Colombia Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...developers because of competition from smartphones. Meanwhile, the local softwareand services industry has solid momentum and received a boost to competitiveness in 2015 and 2016 as aresult of peso depreciation. Latest Updates And Industry Developments ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...or the adoption rates foradvanced technologies. There is also an uncertain outlook for IT spending due to domestic economicpressures resulting from the low oil price, though pressure for reform and modernisation could ultimatelyprove positives for ... Read More

  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions: Performance, Capabilities, Goals and Strategies in the Global Information Technology Services Market

    ...and insight critical to the development and implementation of effective marketing and R&D programs. In the dynamic and fragmented information technology services market, besieged by intense competition and rapid change of technological innovations, the ability ... Read More

  • Argentina Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...however, brighter and with early progress made in Macri's liberal reform agenda weadopted a stronger IT spending growth outlook in the Q3 update. As well as broad economic factors, therewill be sector specific support, for ... Read More

  • Ghana, Kenya & Nigeria Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...rates. This means there is huge potential for growth as their economies develop, both in termsof retail and enterprise spending. There is, however, downside because the frontier market status is alsoassociated with economic and IT ... Read More

  • South Africa Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...outperformers as public and private sector organisations leverage a growing availability ofcloud-based solutions to drive cost-cutting and efficiency gains in their operations. On the hardware side,weakened purchasing power for imported devices as the rand stabilises ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Information Technology Report Q3 2017

    ...compared to some of themore oil centric GCC states. Opportunities in the hardware segment will be limited by saturation, and withdownside for visitor spending as sanctions are eased on Iran and VAT is introduced in ... Read More

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