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With a myriad of jurisdictions, each with its own regulations governing the insurance needs of its residents, the General Insurance Industry represents a wide-spanning series of regulatory agencies, companies, policies and customers. Whether referring to automobile insurance in New York City, earthquake insurance in Chile, life insurance in the United Kingdom, or flood insurance in The Philippines, each area represents a different set of needs for the clients and opportunities for insurance companies. Insurance can have varied effects on a society, based on how it changes who bears the cost of damages and losses. On one hand it can increase attempts at fraud, but on the other it helps individuals and societies mitigate effects of catastrophes and better prepare for their eventuality.

Insurance is able to influence the probability of financial losses from unintentional carelessness, which is the basis for insurers to send out inspectors, assessors and use actuarial tables for the calculation of their rates. With interests spanning from home, automobile, health, dental, vision, life, renter, accident, sickness, unemployment, casualty, aviation, boiler, builder’s risk, vacation, crop, earthquake, flood, marine, landlord, terrorism, terrorism risk, volcano windstorm and burial insurance available, there is almost no aspect of life or business that insurance doesn’t cover.

The General Insurance Industry operates as a fail safe for its policy holders, indemnifying them against potentially financially devastating consequences of a variety of problems that can arise across the globe.’s collection of General Insurance reports offers invaluable insight into this varied and fast moving industry, providing reports focused on global, regional, and national markets and offering specifics on regulations, market share, marketing, size, segmentation, and growth for a variety of companies across the globe.

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General Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

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