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Tennis is a sport than can be played by anyone, regardless of age. Tennis is generating greater interest of late from potential players of all demographics who are attempting the sport in order to increase healthy activity, engage in competition, and be involved in social interactions. Tennis consists of two players (known as “singles”) or two teams (referred to as “doubles”) who try to score points through the use of rackets to parry the tennis ball across the net.

Tennis requires a variety of equipment, but the racket and ball are most essential. Rackets are composed of a handle and neck that are adjoined to an oval frame upon which a cross-hatching of tight cords have been strung. Initially composed of wood and gut string, modernized tennis rackets are created from lighter, stronger metals (such as titanium), and strung with synthetic cords. These materials are more durable and can produce more power when used by a player. Tennis balls are hollow rubber, encased in felt to be aerodynamic. They are colored “optic yellow” to allow for greater visibility. Other equipment may include vibration dampers, handles customized with moisture absorbent materials, sweat band, and specialized tennis shoes.

The rules of a tennis match have remained fairly static throughout the years since its inception, but recently electronic review technology has been introduced at the professional level. This electronic review technology is incorporated with a system for point challenges. It allows a player to challenge the call made by an umpire concerning a scored point, and the technology allows for review of the charge in a new way.

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Tennis Industry Research & Market Reports

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