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Consumer Goods & Retailing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Mailers

    ... shipped. In addition, mailers will take share from corrugated boxes in the packaging of shipped parcels due to a number of advantages including: lighter weight, which reduces shipping costs lower material use, which aids in ... Read More

  • North America Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... care market is currently a booming market. Pet care services such as grooming, training, and adoption are becoming more popular. In this regard, the millennial plays a significant role in pet adoption because they regard ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... lot of change in consumers' behavior as nowadays they are more intended to keep a pet in the house. It has been countries like China and Japan that have a major population of aged or ... Read More

  • Middle-East & Africa Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... Middle East & African pet care industry continues to see an increment in pet adoption rates, with the Middle East countries dominating the market, while African regions showing a fast growth rate. Advances in technology ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027

    ... changing preferences have facilitated this change in family structure. This factor has contributed to the growth of the pet food industry. As the number of households reduces, there has been an increase in demand for ... Read More

  • Europe Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027

    ... in the pet care and food market with an increase in pet adoption rates. In some countries in Europe, pet food is considered a premium product segment. Food being an essential and basic necessity for ... Read More

  • Global Pet Food Market Outlook, 2027

    ... pet's health. These ingredients are in the form of animal derivative, plant derivatives, cereals derivative, etc. Nowadays consumers are very much intended to provide their pets with foods containing healthy ingredients in the form of ... Read More

  • Middle-East & Africa Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027

    ... in the region are dominated by the Islamic religion, which strongly prohibits dog ownership under Islamic law. The market is therefore largely untapped due to the historic restrictions, but increasing acceptance and adoption of dogs ... Read More

  • Europe Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... factors driving growth in the toy market in Europe is the expanding product portfolio influencing product premiumization. The vendors are incorporating new technologies that are interactive and educational. New technologies such as NFC connections, holograms, ... Read More

  • Global E-Bike Market Outlook, 2027

    ... being a vehicle for the lazy peddlers or the elder age group people. These bikes/ bicycles allow making pedalling easier by drawing power from the attached battery. The tiring exercise can be made into a ... Read More

  • Global Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2027

    ... advanced range hood systems in smart kitchens to enhance aesthetics and the overall home comfort, creating robust growth opportunities. Companies are introducing systems with integrated IoT technologies to improve the overall house connectivity. Growing urbanization ... Read More

  • Europe Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2027

    ... heat emitted from the kitchen and the rising demand for modern home appliances, which helps in effective and convenient cooking habits are raising the installation because they have the capability to remove smoke and odor ... Read More

  • Global Pet Care (Food, Healthcare, Accessories, Grooming) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... and cats as pets and considering them as their family members. Apart from this, people are also attracted to installing fish aquariums at their homes, offices, or any institution, and having birds or other small ... Read More

  • Europe Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... of households owning at least one pet animal has increased, and consumers are spending more and more on their pets, thus boosting the turnover of the pet food products industry. With the increase in the ... Read More

  • North America Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... normally buy toys online said yes. General stores and department stores were the next most popular shopping locations for toys in the United States. Some of the most popular toy brands in American households include ... Read More

  • North America Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2027

    ... market is bound to witness a higher demand for range hoods in these segments. People in North America have always preferred kitchen hood as it saves time, and some of the main advantage are employing ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2027

    ... proper ventilation facilities in developing countries of the Asia Pacific region, range hood products are replacing exhaust fans as they are more effective in the ventilation process. Also, the changing lifestyles due to busy work ... Read More

  • South America Pet Care (Food, Grooming, Accessories & Healthcare) Market Outlook, 2027

    ... people shifted from pet ownership to pet parenthood, opportunities in every pet care segment have increased for any company that wants to capitalize on it. The rise of e-commerce and other technologies has pushed the ... Read More

  • North America Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027

    ... and dietary benefits. There is also a trend going on of rewarding pets with treats apart from their regular meals. Due to the customer's awareness of premium products, innovations are coming in taste and flavours ... Read More

  • South America Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027

    ... requirements of all breeds. With favorable economic conditions and the increasing awareness of people regarding healthy pet food, the demand for food of premium quality has witnessed huge growth in recent years. Homemade food often ... Read More

  • Global Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... merchandise, and collectibles. Festival occasions are the major means of selling different kinds of play items to the kids for the associated companies. Therefore, the manufacturers are introducing different types of dolls that suit children's ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... to the global toy market. Asia-Pacific is the second largest market for traditional toys and games, and remains one of the fastest growing regions. While Asia-Pacific has a falling birth rate and had the second ... Read More

  • Latin America Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... in promoting video games, rising demand for scientific and educational toys, and continuously rising personal disposable income levels are expected to boost the market growth in the coming years. Despite logistical limitations in the region, ... Read More

  • Middle East & Africa Toy Market Outlook, 2027

    ... of the Middle East and Africa are rich with human and natural resources. The region enjoys a reasonable standard of living on average. However, countries that is part of the Middle East and Africa regions ... Read More

  • North America E-Bike Market Outlook, 2027

    ... America, owing to technological advancements in battery packs and drive motors and e-bike sharing. E-cargo bikes are gaining traction in major cities in the region, as leading logistics companies like DHL Express, Fed-Ex, and UPS ... Read More

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