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Consumer Goods & Retailing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Shifting Market Frontiers: How Emerging Markets Will Reshape Global Pet Care

    ... trends and small living spaces will change the types of pets that people own and the way they care for them. Second, pet humanisation trends will intersect with new cultural paradigms on stray feeding and ... Read More

  • Global Industrial & OEM Insulation

    ... boost demand for these products. This report covers industrial and OEM insulation demand by market and material. Data are given in dollar value and volume (metric tons). Industrial and OEM insulation markets include: Industrial & ... Read More

  • Global Gaming Chair Market 2020-2024

    ... forecast period. Our reports on global gaming chair market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers an ... Read More

  • Home Care in the Netherlands

    ... growth, which was negligible. This was partly because the lower rate of VAT, which applies to home care products, was raised from 6% to 9%. In addition, consumers switched to value-added products, which boosted value ... Read More

  • Home Care in Tunisia

    ... – improved its value growth in 2019. Tunisians were conscious about their health, hygiene and surroundings, and continued to purchase home care products such as laundry care, dishwashing, toilet care and surface care; however, they ... Read More

  • Polishes in Switzerland

    ... to take the time to use, polishes. In addition, they are also generally losing their relevance, with floors, for example, mainly made from durable material, such as specially treated wood, that does not require any ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Estonia

    ... is already wide and further expansion is unlikely. Manufacturers also struggle to innovate in this area because the vast majority of consumers perceive toilet care products as a commodity. While consumers are trading up as ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Egypt

    ... and promotional activities tend to be concentrated on the spray/aerosol format, supporting its stronger performance in 2019. This is expected to continue over the forecast period. Euromonitor International's Home Insecticides in Egypt market report offers ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Finland

    ... well as many other home care categories. New product development over the review period helped to boost sales. However, sales are at risk of slowing down as new launch activity quietened in 2018-2019. It is ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Georgia

    ... in rural areas is another factor limiting growth and awareness of various toilet care products. In rural Georgia, consumers have a more traditional habit of using multi-purpose products for task-specific products, thus using bleach for ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Hungary

    ... Hungarian customers can afford to have a dishwasher at home, with over a fifth of all households now owning one. Dishwashers are usually owned by bigger households with small children, which involves more dishwashing in ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Poland

    ... growth in the possession rate for dishwashers, it still only stands at just over a third of households, meaning that further growth is expected, also boosting growth prospects for automatic dishwashing tablets, which are seen ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Spain

    ... possession rate of dishwashers in Spain, which is naturally having a positive effect on the performance of automatic dishwashing products. The latter continued to record positive growth for both retail and current value sales, as ... Read More

  • Polishes in Greece

    ... losses in furniture polish, metal polish and floor polish. Furniture trends are unfavourable to antique furniture that requires polishing. There is a small proportion of Greeks that still opt for a vintage look, but too ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Australia

    ... large-scale targeted advertising campaigns using brand ambassadors, such as celebrity cook Hayden Quinn, to invigorate consumer demand and promote new products. In terms of product developments in 2019, automatic dishwashing tablets continued to see innovation ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Indonesia

    ... sole dishwashing category. In addition, pricing is also a factor as dishwashing machines are expensive and rarely seen in Indonesian households. Indonesians also commonly believe that washing by hand is the best way to clean ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Switzerland

    ... which is helping drive growth for dishwashing tablets in particular, and is also the main cause of the decline in hand dishwashing. Time restraints are preventing consumers from both cooking at home more often and ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Estonia

    ... yield translating into a much lower number of insects living over the year. Consumers might have found much relief from insect pests as a result; however, manufacturers did not feel much relief, as their sales ... Read More

  • Inter Ikea Systems BV in Home and Garden (World)

    ... Western Europe and North America, with strong potential for growth in Asia Pacific markets. Sustainability and developing affordably priced smart home products are some of the key focus areas for the company. Euromonitor International's Inter ... Read More

  • Nestlé SA in Pet Care

    ... International’s Nestlé SA in Pet Care Company Profile offers detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business, examining its performance in the Pet Care industry. The report examines company shares by region and sector, product developments, ... Read More

  • Luxury Eyewear in Germany

    ... glasses can be explained by the relatively affordable prices compared with other luxury goods, such as cars or bags. The substitution effect creates a perception of higher social status through luxury brands. Luxury sun glasses ... Read More

  • Luxury Foodservice in Germany

    ... and Italian-influenced. The concept targets high-income individuals who search for excellence and an authentic experience within the brand’s standards. Given these characteristics, this sole example in Bavaria could be followed by other initiatives in cities ... Read More

  • Home Care in France

    ... who are concerned about the potentially toxic substances found in many standard home care products, and are therefore searching for ecological brands which are practical, efficient and affordable. Consistent media attention regarding the harm that ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Germany

    ... attracted more tourists in 2019 which contributed positively to luxury hotels’ performance, compared to the declining contribution from locals. The country’s more positive image, rich culture recognised by foreigners and easy accessibility are factors behind ... Read More

  • Luxury Jewellery in Germany

    ... base of this trend is consumers’ move towards fine jewellery options triggered by the intrinsic value of the materials. At the same time, with unit prices charged by the major brands constantly increasing, disincentivised consumers ... Read More

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