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  • Department Stores in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... supermarkets and are not included in the industry. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth ... Read More

  • Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesaling in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... tools and replacement parts. Given the nature of wholesaling, the primary downstream consumers for this industry are large-scale agricultural operations, followed by retailers and nonresidential building construction. Over the five years to 2019, the agricultural ... Read More

  • Australia Consumer Electronics Q2 2019

    ... the largest productcategories - smartphones, PCs and TV sets - where vendors rely on replacement spending. This will be the key growth driverbecause of the maturity of the market where first-time buyer potential is depleted. ... Read More

  • Brazil Food & Drink Q2 2019

    ... rewards profile. Weanticipate to see cash-and-carry formats to continue increasing in popularity as Brazil's price-sensitive consumers seek moreattractively priced goods following the country's recent economic crisis. However, we believe that premiumisation opportunities willbegin to increase ... Read More

  • Hungary Consumer Electronics Q2 2019

    ... outlook isfor a slower rate of increase as vendors again come to rely on replacement demand in a still favourable but less supportiveeconomic environment. Risks are however, weighted to the downside because of the Fidesz ... Read More

  • Taiwan Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... economic growth will impact only minimally on privateconsumption growth in 2019. The overall economic outlook for Taiwan remains stable and inflationary pressures are expected toremain weak, thereby continuing to support healthy levels of consumer spending. Read More

  • Czech Republic Consumer Electronics Q2 2019

    ... prices on replacementpurchases, a crucial growth driver in a saturated core market. There is, however, downside to the positive core scenario in thegovernment's populist outlook, because while it is pro-growth in the short- to medium ... Read More

  • France Consumer Electronics Q2 2019

    ... purchasing power growth will enable vendors to continue generating higher unit prices over the medium term. The key risksare external ones that would derail France's economic growth trajectory, including a disorderly Brexit, ECB tightening, negative ... Read More

  • Tool & Equipment Rental in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... of the industry and general construction, many of the tools rented by operators are used in the later stages of construction, with specialized and heavy equipment being used earlier in the process. As construction markets ... Read More

  • Germany Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... low unemployment, increased real wage growth,high consumer confidence and cheap credit, German consumers are not spending on par with these structural advantages. While amindset that favours saving is a factor, a slowdown in economic growth ... Read More

  • Hungary Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... retail sales are at multi-year highs due to a tightening labour market, however, we note buildinginflationary pressures that could reduce consumer purchasing power. Increasing political risks could dampen business andconsumer confidence over the short-to-medium term. Read More

  • Nigeria Food & Drink Q2 2019

    ... Larger entities such as Guinnessand Nestle announced that at the end of 2018, they had increased their percentage of local sourced ingredients to 75% and 80% ofthe total respectively. Both are looking to increase this ... Read More

  • Philippines Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... next quarter'sconsumer sentiment already in negative territory. We do however, note that the consumer outlook will be supported by improvinglabour market dynamics and growth in remittance inflows. Meanwhile, inflation while remaining high is likely to ... Read More

  • Singapore Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... Furthermore, the government'sexpansionary fiscal policy in the lead up to the general elections will also bode well for consumer spending as the government hasannounced longer-term healthcare and housing initiatives. A risk to highlight is rising ... Read More

  • Uganda Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... the medium term due to robust economic growth, rising wages and improvedaccess to credit for consumers. However, we note that inflation poses a risk to our outlook and could weigh on the purchasingpower of consumers. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Consumer & Retail Q2 2019

    ... hascreated runaway inflation, creating a commodities shortage. Government reforms have been unpopular and have had adverseeffects on the consumer base. Recent fuel hikes have led to mass protests, further threatening the stability of the country. Read More

  • China Filling Station and Gas Station Industry Report, 2018-2025

    ... improvement of people’s living standards in China. At the end of 2018, ownership of motor vehicle in China registered 327 million units including 240 million automobiles, and accordingly there were up to 110,000 filling stations ... Read More

  • Insect Killers & Repellents in Russia (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... repellents for homes and gardens. It includes body repellents. Market size is based on sales for household use through all retail outlets including directly to consumer. Market size for Insect Killers & Repellents in Russia ... Read More

  • Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing

    ... US), along with LG Electronics and Samsung (South Korea); Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony (Japan); and Royal Philips (the Netherlands). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumer income and the rate of product innovation. The profitability ... Read More

  • Consumer Services

    ... Jiffy Lube, Regis, Safelite, Service Corporation International, and Weight Watchers; leading companies outside of the US are Frisör Klier (Germany), Funespaña (Spain), and Indigo (formerly Vinci Park, France). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Consumer income and demographics drive ... Read More

  • Household Appliance Stores

    ... driven by home sales, home remodeling, replacement due to product failure, and technological innovation. The profitability of individual companies depends on effective marketing and merchandising. Large companies can negotiate volume discounts from manufacturers. Small companies ... Read More

  • Deodorants in India (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... women. Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer and selective outlets. Market size for Deodorants in India is given in INR with a minimum of five years' historical ... Read More

  • Computer & Office Equipment Wholesalers

    ... HNA Group), ScanSource, Tech Data, and divisions of diversified electronics distributors such as Arrow Electronics and Avnet. Major companies based outside the US include ALSO (Switzerland), Digital China, Esprinet (Italy), and Redington (India). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE ... Read More

  • Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores

    ... and Dollar Tree (both based in the US), along with Dollarama (Canada) and Poundland Group (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumer spending, particularly among less affluent consumers, as most companies target the lower- ... Read More

  • Tobacco Manufacturing

    ... UST), Philip Morris International, and Reynolds American (a subsidiary of British American Tobacco); China National Tobacco; UK-based British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands; and Japan Tobacco. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by discretionary consumer spending ... Read More

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