Baby Food Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis’s collection of market research studies on the baby food industry will help you stay competitive and knowledgeable in the market, with a full array of studies on subjects ranging from baby food to formula. Our studies include detailed analysis on vendors, regions, and market trends and a full library of country-specific studies and highly regarded outlook reports for the U.S. and global markets. Different baby foods and formulas are created based upon nutritional needs for infant and toddler development. Formula is recommended for infants up to 12 months; baby foods are consumed by children up to age 3. Rapid urbanization led to the growth of modern lifestyles, which influenced many to begin spending more money on baby food and infant formulas. The global baby food market reached revenues of $11.4 billion in 2012 and the future of the market is expected to slow, reaching about $14.1 billion by 2017. Key challenges facing the industry are declines in birth rates in developed countries and global competitors. The global market also faces challenges, such as limited storage space, leading to possible waste due to the short shelf life of baby foods.
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Baby Food Industry Research & Market Reports

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