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Insurance remains one of the largest single business sectors in the world, with numerous companies each vying for the consumer’s insurance dollar. Ranging from automobile to life to medical to credit to pet insurance, companies offer a wide and diverse array of products to the insurance-buying public. From the traditional commercial insurance giants like Allstate, State Farm, The Hartford Group and Travelers to the more business oriented re-insurance underwriting business of Lloyd’s of London and Berkshire Hathaway, Insurance companies come in many different shapes and sizes.

Insurance is defined as the transfer of the risk of loss from one person or group to another in exchange for compensation. A form of risk management, the insurance industry boasts some of the most profitable companies in the world, but that success has brought with it greater scrutiny, attempts at regulations and controls, and a turn in public sentiment.

With literally hundreds of insurance companies offering policies in dozens of different varieties, it is essential to gain an insight into the companies writing those policies in order to gain an advantage, while gleaning an understanding of the various regulatory hurdles each of those companies face on a day to day basis.’s Insurance Company Report category offers an essential business tool to understanding the fast paced and constantly changing world of Insurance Companies. With reports showing market share, policy projections, marketing strategies, sales, product market trends, regulations, size and growth, these reports will help you gain a greater understanding of the internal workings of one of the most important business types in operation today.

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Insurance Company Reports Industry Research & Market Reports

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