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Once regarded as inferior imitations of popular name brand products, private label food and beverages are gaining ground on their more ballyhooed nationally-known counterparts. The Great Recession of yesteryear forced many budget conscious consumers to “trade down” to national brands, only to discover that the taste and quality were often on par with some of their favorite national brands. Even post recession, many consumers have opted to stick with the variety of private label brands that are now becoming staples of their kitchens at home.’s insights into private label food and beverage products charts the steady growth of these products both pre- and post-recession, and analyzes major players in this segment, including Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, and Costco. With roughly two-thirds of consumers agreeing that store brands are usually as high quality as name brands, and more than half claiming store brands are actually often superior, finding trusted research is a must for any company operating in this food and beverage sector.

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Private Label Industry Research & Market Reports

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