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Hunting is defined as the pursuit of wildlife for food, recreation and trade. The animals that are hunted are called game. There are specific seasons in which game is hunted in various regions. Some hunters bait while others blind hunt, which is a process of waiting for animals in a hidden or elevated place. Many hunters camouflage themselves so as to blend into the environment. Others use dogs to track animals they prey. Traps can also be set to capture or kill animals. Another technique is called blinding animals with artificial light. The techniques differ depending on government regulations, local customs, equipment and the animals being hunted. A combination of techniques are often used in accordance with the law.

Fishing is considered different from hunting. Fishing is the pursuit and capture of fish and other aquatic animals such as mollusks and crustaceans. There are mainly two types of fishing, commercial and recreational. Commercial fishing is for profit. The fish are pursued far into the ocean and often under dangerous conditions. A commercial fishing business can range from a single man with a small boat to an enormous fleet that processes tons of fish daily. Commercial fishing uses large nets and sea­going processing factories. The gear includes trawls, dredges, hacks, lift nets, weights, and traps.

Recreational fishing is for sport, fun and competition. The fishers use a rod, reel, line, and hooks. They also use different baits such as artificial flies.Fishing and hunting animals for sport or for food require proper licensing of the hunters. Hunters jerk, smoke and cure the meat to eat later. Research provides insight on business involved in the sale of equipment, clothing and other products used to assist the hunter.

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Hunting & Fishing Industry Research & Market Reports

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