Defense Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Government austerity has led to some difficult time. US Defense Secretary Gates announced in 2011 that “in recognition of the fiscal pressures the country is facing, we launched a comprehensive effort to reduce the department’s overhead expenditures. The goal was – and is – to sustain the U.S. military’s size and strength over the long term by reinvesting those efficiency savings in force structure and other key combat capabilities,” leading to cuts of $100 billion dollars.

The Defense industry reports are broken out by country, but also by topics including UAV flight training, the aerospace market which includes maintenance, repair and overhaul , as well as homeland security. Top companies are profiled including Raytheon whose industries include defense technology and training, homeland and border security, and cyber security, Boeing which provides air, land, sea and space-based platforms for military, government and commercial customers, Lockheed Martin which handles aeronautics, Electronic systems, Space systems and Information and Global technology. Others profiled include, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, United Technologies, BAE Systems and hundreds more.

A powerful new topic is the increasing global threat to computer networks. The world of cyber warfare and cybersecurity is among the greatest military and civilian threats.

Finding the right market research report is what is all about. And one of the keys to finding the market research report you need, when searching for Military and Defense market research, is how to spell the word defense. Some report publishers spell is with an S (defense) while others use a C (Defence).

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Defense Industry Research & Market Reports

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