Agents & Brokers Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Real Estate Brokers / Agents are companies or licensed individuals that act as an intermediary between purchasers and sellers of real estate or other property. This relationship is generally governed by the common law of agency, with the Broker / Agent having a fiduciary relationship with their client.

When acting on behalf of the property’s seller, the Broker / Agent markets the property in question, attempting to sell it for the highest possible value and under the best terms available. When acting as a buyer’s agent, the Broker / Agent will attempt to purchase a property for the lowest possible amount and under the best possible terms and conditions for their client, while other Broker / Agents specialize in filling vacant rental and for lease properties.

No single statement can be made that will apply to all Broker / Agents, as separate jurisdictions have differing levels of oversight, regulation, and requirements for individuals working in the field. A wide variety of issues such as compensation, legal requirements, and licensing can all vary greatly depending on those variables.

With such a dizzying patchwork of factors, it becomes difficult to glean any useful information from this category, which is where’s collection of Real Estate Agent and Broker reports come into play. Boasting the latest reports covering this often baffling industry category, these market research reports will offer insight into market strategies, products, market trends, projections, size, growth and future opportunities in both the United States and Global Real Estate Markets.

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Agents & Brokers Industry Research & Market Reports

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