Intellectual Property Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

With the economy becoming more and more knowledge based, companies want to protect their investments – physical and intellectual. Businesses have become more and more protective of ideas and these are considered just as valuable as any physical products. Intellectual Property (IP) is a category that contains many “intangible” and “non-physical” goods including business ideas and concepts.

Just like physical property, IP needs to be protected from any form of unauthorized use but since it is intangible it more difficult to protect. Companies are aware that the think tanks within their organizations have many great ideas and they look for ways to preserve this information within their organization. As such, business use a variety of resources ranging from copyrights to patents to protect their IP because once stolen, it may be difficult to recover.

Use to learn how your company can protect itself by incorporating the proper methods to protect your own intellectual property (IP). Find information across many industries including healthcare, semiconductors and telecom. Here you will also find information on IP law, trademarks and copyrights.
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Intellectual Property Industry Research & Market Reports

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