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The management of resources and materials, particularly fluids, in any system, machine or piece of equipment is principally accomplished through components and functional materials known as seals, alternatively referred to as gaskets and packing. Gaskets and seals prevent the loss or leaking of fluids, but also work to maintain system pressures and prevent environmental contamination or cross-system contamination. Gaskets and seals use a variety of engineering principles, designs and materials to join or mate components, systems and material surfaces. Various forms of seals exist for product manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, plumbing systems, district heating systems, the power generation facilities, oil and gas industry, engine fuel systems, exhaust systems, chemicals production systems, and hydraulic systems. Consequent their diverse applications, gaskets and seals are defined through a number of designs that commonly feature o-rings, springs, and other components that form mechanical seals and gasket assemblies. Mechanical seals and gaskets represent the most common OEM market products available to value-added manufacturers, other industrial consumers, and maintenance service providers.

Vehicle or automobile gaskets represent a sizeable consumer markets, although mechanical seals are also heavily demanded by industrial consumers, particularly those operating with high volumes of fluid byproducts, process materials and end products. Reoccurring revenue is common among gasket and seal OEMs due to the need to replace the components following wear and degradation from fluid system pressures, temperatures, and caustic material flows. After-market services can include the replacement of seal and gasket components such as o-rings and sheets, as well as the molding and machining of metal components.

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Gaskets & Seals Industry Research & Market Reports

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