House & Home Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The house and home industry is primarily concerned with consumer goods and services that pertain to the design, operation, and upkeep of a residence. The house and home industry is composed of many different sub-industries that are imperative in supporting and maintaining this overall industry. Because the house and home industry involves so many different facets, there is constant competition between the sub-industries and the companies that produce and manufacture the variety of good in the specific industries. Competition also exists between the different type of retail venues that advertise and sell goods and services pertaining to the house and home industry. Broad examples of sub-groups within the house and home industry may include: home security and safety, do-it-yourself, lawn and garden, housewares, household products, small appliances, and furniture, amongst others.

The home security and safety equipment industry consists of businesses that retail safety equipment, such as locks and deadbolts, and security systems, like fire alarms and intruder alarms. The do-it-yourself (DIY) market is focused on homeowners and business owners tackling home improvement projects independently without hiring experts in the field. The lawn and garden industry consists of any companies that retails products meant to enhance or contribute to the up-keep of lawns and gardens. The housewares industry is composed of various companies who manufacture and produce a variety or household goods and products. The household products industry involves the combined revenues that are generated through the retailing of diverse cleaning and house care products. The furniture industry manufactures and wholesales a vast array of furniture for offices, hotels, homes, and schools, as well as other businesses. The small appliance industry consists of the classification of home appliances that are movable or partially movable, and can be used on counters, tables, or other platform spaces. These and other industries compose the house and home industry.

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House & Home Industry Research & Market Reports

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