Laundromats & Dry Cleaners Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The laundromat and dry cleaning industry consists of establishments that provide a variety of laundering services. Laundromat and dry cleaning companies may offer drop-off and pick-up sites, as well as specialty cleaning services for specific clothing items and types of fabrics, like drapes, gowns, or furs. Laundromat facilities offer self-service, coin-operated washers and dryers for customers to use on-site. Coin-operated laundry equipment is also regularly found in dormitories and apartment complexes.

Though the major services of this industry are retail laundry and dry cleaning, some companies have other sources of revenue, such as clothes mending and shoe repair, along with the servicing of washing machines and dryers off-site, such as in group living structures.

Demand in this industry correlates to the growth, or lack thereof, in the income of those who use these services. The coin-operated laundromats and dry cleaning industry has been in a decline due to the convenience and availability of equipment and products that allow consumers to complete laundry tasks within the household. The dry cleaning process is also now able to be partially replicated at home, though the process is not equivalent to conventional dry cleaning services. In addition, drop-off and pick-up services impact revenue, as do rising utility costs. The profitability of these companies is dependent upon all of these factors, as well as their locations and the efficiency of their operations.

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Laundromats & Dry Cleaners Industry Research & Market Reports

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