Specialty Chemicals Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Specialty chemicals are a group of highly valued, rapid-growth chemicals that appeal to multiple market sectors. The growth rates of these products are approximately one to three times GDP, priced over a dollar per pound. These chemical products are also referred to as fine chemicals Specialty/fine chemicals are thought of as highly innovative.Products are sold for function rather than chemical content. Products include industrial gases, adhesives and sealants and electronic chemicals. Coatings, industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals, and catalysts are also specialty chemical products.In chemical technology, a distinction is made between bulk chemicals produced in massive quantities and fine chemicals, which are custom-produced in smaller quantities for special uses. There are a very large number of fine chemicals that are produced. The chemistries of producing these products require a high degree of flexibility. For bulk chemicals the atom economy is not as critical so less flexibility in production is needed. Due to their small volume and often-changing chemistry, fine chemicals production is more expensive, generates more waste, and requires a higher research investment per kilogram than the manufacturing of other chemical products.Fine chemicals are pure, single chemical substances commercially produced with chemical reactions for highly specialized applications. Fine chemicals produced are categorized into active pharmaceutical ingredients. Their intermediates, biocides, and specialty chemicals are characterized for technical applications.Inks, performance-enhancing additives, special coatings, and photographic chemicals are common examples of specialty chemicals. These products are generally sold based on differentiated performance characteristics as opposed to price per mass. Price per mass is the basis for fine chemical sales.
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Specialty Chemicals Industry Research & Market Reports

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