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Different methods of packaging food are done by different companies. Some choose to use materials that are functional, while others put aesthetic and appeal as more of a priority.

Food packaging provides protection and can influence the shelf-life of a product, which in turn creates a better quality food for consumers. Food packaging data can be better understood through analyzing material (paper and board, plastic, glass, or metal) or through application (dairy, confectionery, convenience foods, bakery, fruits, vegetables, meat, sauces, or dressings). As many consumers in the United States and Europe become more concerned with the global impact of their purchases, companies are meeting new concerns with more recycled materials and biodegradable materials. Overall, the market for food packaging is estimated to grow as more production facilities are built to meet the new trends of food packaging.’s collection of market research studies on the Food Packaging industry will help you stay competitive and develop in this expanding market. We offer a full array of reports on subjects ranging from packaging technology and equipment to packaging materials and applications.

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Food Packaging Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Food Contract Manufacturing Global Market Report 2024

    ... Haco AG; Hamilton Beach Brands Inc.; Nikken Foods Co. Ltd. Food Contract Manufacturing Global Market Report 2024 from The Business Research Company provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to ... Read More

  • Fresh Meat Packaging Global Market Report 2024

    ... Poultry and Mutton; Seafood Meat types 3) By Material Type: Polyethylene (PE); Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC); Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP); Polyamide (PA); Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH); Polypropylene (PP) Types Covering: Sealed Air Corp; Amcor Plc; The ... Read More

  • Snack Food Packaging Global Market Report 2024

    ... Fruits Covering: Amcor Plc; The Smurfit Kappa Group plc; Sonoco Products Company; Huhtamaki OYJ; Sealed Air Corp Snack Food Packaging Global Market Report 2024 from The Business Research Company provides strategists, marketers and senior management ... Read More

  • Plastic Alternative Packaging Global Market Report 2024

    ... Health Care Covering: BASF; Amcor plc; Tetra Pak International SA; Sealed Air; Evergreen Packaging Plastic Alternative Packaging Global Market Report 2024 from The Business Research Company provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical ... Read More

  • North America Food Cans - Market Share Analysis, Industry Trends & Statistics, Growth Forecasts 2019 - 2029

    ... to be valued at USD 10.3 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of 2.39% over the forecast period. In this region, canned food has become a part of many individuals' diets. The ever-changing lifestyles and ... Read More

  • Pet Food Packaging Market Size, Trends, Analysis, and Outlook to 2030- Uncover Country and Company Growth Opportunities in 2024 and Beyond

    ... from 2024 to 2030 as compared to CAGR between 2018 and 2023. The market size outlook is spurred by investments in capitalizing untapped potential and future possibilities. Our analysts foresee a boom in niche market ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Argentina

    ... on-the-go consumption, which necessitated a change in the way products were packaged. Convenience became important for consumers, and packaging had to be not just compact but also easily portable. Euromonitor International's Packaging in Argentina report ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Sweden

    ... bouillon cubes. The Swedish dairy industry is also making strides towards bioplastics, and manufacturers are actively promoting these eco-conscious innovations. Euromonitor International's Packaging in Sweden report offers insight into key trends and developments in the ... Read More

  • U.S Foodservice Single-Use Products Market - Focused Insights 2024-2029

    ... food service single-use products is included in the report. This report provides a comprehensive and current market scenario of the US foodservice single-use products, including the US foodservice single-use products market size, anticipated market forecast, ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Poland

    ... sizes helped to cater to individual snacking needs, aligning with the growing trend of on-the-go consumption, while also helping consumers manage sugar intake effectively. Euromonitor International's Packaging in Poland report offers insight into key trends ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Turkey

    ... goods. Brands like Persil are pioneering convenience and eco-friendliness, introducing water-soluble covers for laundry capsules and combining plastic with recyclable materials. Shrink-sleeve labelling, especially on PET plastic, is gaining ground, offering both opacity and b... ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Mexico

    ... the food industry, due to their ability to act as lightweight, cost-effective and eco-friendly refill options. These pouches, especially in categories like sauces and baby food, offer convenience and reduce packaging waste. Euromonitor International's Packaging ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Spain

    ... Emerging categories like plant-based cheese and yoghurt saw robust growth, with thin wall plastic containers, flexible plastic and flexible aluminium/paper showing promise. Euromonitor International's Packaging in Spain report offers insight into key trends and developments ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Japan

    ... towards sustainable packaging solutions. This encouraged innovation in the beauty and personal care industry, as demonstrated, for example, by collaborations such as the one between Fancl Corporation and Kirin Group. The companies jointly developed sustainable ... Read More

  • US Cups & Lids

    ... 479 billion units. Unit growth will be supported by healthy gains in foodservice revenues and the increasing popularity of single-serve, convenient food packaging. In addition to real demand gains, market value will be supported by ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Vietnam

    ... example, in 2022, the Vietnamese demonstrated a distinct preference for product sizes that balanced affordability with quantity, in response to the challenges posed by inflation. This trend was further accentuated by growing environmental consciousness, as ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Saudi Arabia

    ... transportation. In chocolate confectionery, a trend emerged in response to rising manufacturing costs, with leading brands like Galaxy downsizing packaging while keeping prices stable, safeguarding profit margins, and ensuring affordability for consumers. Within beauty and ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Indonesia

    ... Packaging companies are responding to this trend by developing new solutions that offer consumers convenience and flexibility. For example, single-serve packaging is becoming increasingly popular, as is flexible packaging, which is lightweight, durable and easy ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Colombia

    ... environmental consciousness and economic concerns amid rising inflation, led to the popularity of specific pack sizes across various industries. The trend was in line with the increase in on-the-go lifestyles, offering controlled portions, minimising waste ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in India

    ... both individual consumption and sharing during social gatherings. The rise of e-commerce is also driving the demand for larger packs, especially in home care products. However, smaller packs cater to price-sensitive consumers in Tier 3 ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in France

    ... Sustainable packaging materials are increasingly evident in various industries like soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or beauty and personal care. This trend has notably favoured packaging types such as rPET bottles, metal beverage cans, glass bottles ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Germany

    ... to adopt more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives. As a result, there has been a noticeable shift towards recyclable materials and a reduction in the use of non-recyclable plastics. This shift is mirrored in the decisions made ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Brazil

    ... considerations for consumers, this boosted demand for compact and lightweight packaging solutions, such as PET bottles, metal beverage cans and flexible packaging. PET bottles are popular due to their lightweight nature, recyclability and durability. These ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in China

    ... been steadily gaining share from glass, primarily due to its eco-friendly characteristics and eye-catching designs. Brands like Budweiser have embraced metal bottles for creative and thematic packaging. Meanwhile, the non-alcoholic drinks industry continues to... Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Canada

    ... government released its Single-Use Plastic Packaging Regulations (SUPPR) in 2022, beginning its phasing out of single-use plastic packaging as part of its 2030 goal of eliminating plastic waste. This encouraged a move away from plastic ... Read More

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