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  • Wineries

    ... Gallo, Jackson Family Wines, and The Wine Group (all based in the US); as well as Distell Group (South Africa), Gruppo Italiano Vini (Italy), Treasury Wine Estates (Australia), Veuve Clicquot (France), and Viña Concha y ... Read More

  • Wine in Dominican Republic

    ... especially still red wine. As distribution expands, consumers are being exposed to wines at a wider range of price points, with the industry thus satisfying those with different budgets. This also reflects the segmented nature ... Read More

  • Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... over the five years to 2018. Many establishments have experienced strong sales of high-margin and imported beverages, which are typically found less often at alternative retailers, amid rising per capita disposable income. Additionally, consumer preferences ... Read More

  • Wine in Chile

    ... the performance witnessed in 2016 was not simply a one-off. Amongst the main drivers of growth was the professionalisation that the industry experienced in recent years, which led to improvements in processes and diversification, increasing ... Read More

  • Wine in Japan

    ... JPY1,000 for ienomi (home drinking), a form of cocooning, rather than visiting on-trade channels. Still light grape wine has established a core base of loyal middle-aged drinkers with higher per personal consumption, while it is ... Read More

  • Wine in Brazil

    ... lowest level since 2004. The substitution for other alcoholic drinks types – mainly premium beer – continues to be seen at sales points. Besides traditional wine areas in retailers, many chains are investing in their ... Read More

  • Wine in the US

    ... been the most noteworthy benefactors of this trend and consistently witnessed double-digit volume growth over the review period. The last two years of the review period, however, experienced a slowdown in volume sales. As consumers ... Read More

  • Wine in Thailand

    ... is calculated from the ex-factory (or CIF) price to the suggested retail selling price. The net effect on this on wine is that the tax burden on most wine is now lower, resulting in lower ... Read More

  • Wine in Kenya

    ... wide array of restaurants catering for all types of consumer demand. Furthermore, visitors to these shopping centres are usually aspirational middle-income consumers, who have more disposable income, are well-connected and informed, and are more likely ... Read More

  • Wine in Uzbekistan

    ... imports grew as well during the review period. In general, the most popular category in the country is still red wine. It comprises more than 90% of the overall wine sales. The only category that ... Read More

  • Wine in South Africa

    ... with Western Cape’s municipality putting additional pressure on producers by requesting a rationing of their water resources. Furthermore, the industry could also be hurt by frost damage affecting farms in Breedekloof, Worcester and Robertson, which ... Read More

  • Wine in Poland

    ... are left with fond memories of a good wine from their holidays, they start to search for it locally. The premiumisation trend follows this as Polish consumers are willing to pay more for good quality ... Read More

  • Wine in Cameroon

    ... Indeed, the number of middle-income consumers has been increasing significantly in recent years and this has encouraged consumers to trade up to higher-priced and/or better-quality products. In addition, as many of those consumers embark on ... Read More

  • Wine in Norway

    ... within alcoholic drinks in Norway during the review period. This is closely linked to the natural food trend, with consumers becoming increasingly concerned about natural ingredients and ABV content. This supported the sales of still ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Latvia

    ... mid-priced products such as Somersby and Sheerwood. Growth of cider/perry is also expected to rise in the future as the category continues to redefine itself as the alternative to consumers that are not fans of ... Read More

  • Wine in Bolivia

    ... Unico, Origen and Esther Ortiz. The favourable response to these awards has increased the consumption of wine in the country, especially of national wines in the medium- to high-end price ranges. Euromonitor International's Wine in ... Read More

  • Wine in Latvia

    ... lifestyle trend, people are putting more emphasis on lighter nutrition, which is better complemented by white wines. Additionally, people are more inclined towards trying out various foreign cuisines, such as Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisines ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Slovenia

    ... consumer confidence as a result of growing disposable incomes and overall economic improvement. On the other hand, availability was a major obstacle in the past, not only in on-trade establishments, but also off-trade. The area ... Read More

  • Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in Slovenia

    ... can mainly be attributed to the fact that it is easy to substitute products in this area with cheaper self-made mixers whether at home, off-trade or in on-trade establishments. Prices in the area remain relatively ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Cameroon

    ... products and thus not within reach for most consumers. Euromonitor International's Cider/Perry in Cameroon report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest ... Read More

  • Wine in Slovenia

    ... boosted overall performance since this area dominates sales. However, sparkling wine posted the strongest growth. Wine saw some new launches, such as Mercator’s private label sparkling wine. This is in line with the economy trend, ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Bolivia

    ... Sales growth was driven by a preference for this type of beverage by young, economically independent and socially active women. Gatherings exclusively for women, where alcoholic drinks are frequently consumed, are a common custom in ... Read More

  • Wine in the Czech Republic

    ... there is potential for further growth. Wine drinking is becoming more fashionable, supported by the wellness trend, as wine is perceived to be healthy when consumed moderately, and by it being an increasingly social event. ... Read More

  • Wine in Macedonia

    ... shift towards beer which in part was triggered by the strong presence of premium wines which fewer locals were able to buy amidst the political crisis of 2016/2017 which resulted in weaker economic growth than ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Norway

    ... group for sweet cider is very young adults, according to trade sources. The shift was led by Brewery International’s Bulmers brand during the review period, and was followed by the largest domestic players with their ... Read More

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