Water Treatment Chemicals Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Water treatment refers to any process used to increase the purity or quality of water prior to disposal into the environment, human consumption, or end use. Water treatment is accomplished through physical means and equipment such as filtration, settling; the bioremediation or metabolizing of water pollutants and contaminants by microorganisms; or chemicals used to disinfect the water (remove biological contaminants) or coagulate and flocculate water pollutants and contaminants. Water treatment chemicals also include chemicals used to purify or filter water of contaminants prior to its use in industrial equipment or water treatment equipment. Wastewater chemicals are vital products for wastewater treatment and management and various industrial process systems.

Water treatment chemicals include biocides and disinfectants used to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and protozoans. Antifoam is used to mitigate the formation of non-productive foam that contains films and contaminants that reduce available equipment capacities during water treatment. Corrosion inhibitors protect metallic surfaces in an industrial equipment system (boiler) or water treatment system from corrosion damage incurred through wastewater contaminants. Coagulants and flocculants collect and concentrate contaminants and solids in a water stream for easy removal at the surface or bottom of the water. Other water treatment chemicals include boiler water chemicals, neutralizing agents, oxidants, oxygen scavengers, pH conditioners, resin cleaners, and scale inhibitors. Water treatment chemicals are primarily procured and consumed by heavy industry, manufacturers, utilities, and municipal wastewater management organizations. Another large base of water treatment chemical consumers includes residential owners of reverse osmosis (RO) units and other household water treatment systems.

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Water Treatment Chemicals Industry Research & Market Reports

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