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With the public viewing traditional banks with a more acrimonious eye than in the past, more attention (and business) has begun to shift to Credit Unions. Defined as a “cooperative financial institution”, Credit Unions represent a break from the dominant for-profit model used by many financial institutions, as their model attempts to ensure that the owners and clients of the institution in question are the same people, thus attempting to circumvent the traditional “principal-agent” conflict.

In reality, Credit Unions as non-profit institutions isn’t entirely accurate, as different jurisdictions place different requirements upon them. Legal arrangements can vary wildly ranging from volunteer-run operations in some areas to a large financial institution that is difficult to contrast with more traditional banking models.

The main definer of a Credit Union (regardless of the terminology that is applied to them by the various jurisdictions in which they operate) is the concept of client-ownership. Without fail, account holders at Credit Unions are also the owners of the institution, and elect the Credit Union’s Board of Directors based on a one-person-one-vote system, regardless of the amount of capital invested in their various accounts.

Credit Unions operate in direct competition with other financial institutions, and find themselves governed by many of the same regulations and agencies. Offering personal accounts, business accounts, investment instruments, mortgages and other loan products, Credit Unions provide nearly identical products as traditional finance companies while providing its account holders with a sense of control not present when part of the larger entities.

In our Credit Unions Category, you will find reports that highlight marketing strategies, sales and membership levels for Credit Unions, as well as data regarding regions, regulations and projections on future data.

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Credit Unions Industry Research & Market Reports

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