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The modern man is taking greater pride in his appearance, making conscientious choices when selecting the appropriate grooming or health and beauty care products. This includes contemplating the impact a particular razor blade or aftershave will have on his unique skin composition, how different brands of deodorant mingle with his personal scent, or even which haircare products produce the perfect hairdo for both days spent in the office and nights spent indulging in social, leisurely interactions.

Bath Products
Men’s bath products include bar soap, liquid soap, bath gel, bath salts, and body wash. The most widely used products are the soaps, though body washes have gained prominence. Men also account for a small degree of consumption of traditionally less masculine bath items such as bath oils and other additives, bubble bath, guest soaps, etc.

Men’s deodorant includes both simple deodorants, which neutralize or mask the odor of underarm perspiration (i.e., sweat); and antiperspirants, which actually cause pores to close.

Of all the haircare products used by men (including shampoos, conditioners, haircolor, etc.), styling products are the likeliest to be male specific; yet this depends on cultural considerations, as well as on individual brand positionings. Styling products are any preparations that hold or sculpt men’s hair, among them creams, foams, gels, liquids, mousse, oils, pastes, pomades, sprays (aerosols or pumps), and waxes.

Shaving Products
Male-specific brands of shave cream and razors and after-shave lotion might be the first examples that come to mind when one thinks of men’s grooming products. Yet many men opt for natural/organic or prestige versions of shave cream and after-shave that often happen to be unisex. Increasingly, however, marketers in the natural/organic and prestige spheres are extending their brands with male-specific collections.

Skincare Products
The men’s skincare products category encompasses acne-fighting preparations, anti-aging serums, astringents, exfoliants, eye creams, facial cleansers, foot scrubs, hand and body lotions, masques, moisturizers, night creams, soothing balms, suncare products, self-tanning products, toners, and so on. The available assortment of male-specific versions of these products is steadily expanding.

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Men's HBC Industry Research & Market Reports

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