Energy Equipment Market Research Reports

Energy equipment comprises a sizable portion of the total infrastructure of the energy sector required to produce or generate and then deliver energy to its consumers. Major categories of energy equipment include (electrical) power generation equipment, power transmission, and power distribution (T&D) equipment as well as associated information technology (IT) systems used to manage and optimize all three stages of electrical energy delivery.

Energy generation equipment includes turbines like water turbines, steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines, tidal stream turbines as well as reciprocating and combustion engines (when producing energy for electrical power generation), electrical generators (or dynamos), direct current-producing semiconductors such as solar cells (PV). Transmission lines, transformers, energy storage technologies, power conditioner technologies and switchgear are used for power transmission. Additional transformers, electrical meters, and smart grid devices provide power distribution.

Telecommunications and IT products and equipment are increasingly associated with energy equipment due to their role in modern energy technologies and energy management systems that reduce system and grid energy losses, optimize the efficiency of energy consumption, and overall integrate and coordinate the functions of the generation, transmission and distribution sides of an electrical grid. Accompanying this smart grid developments is an increasing focus on electrical energy storage, both distributed storage (fuel cells, batteries) as well as centralized, utility-scale storage (CAES, pumped hydro, SMES, flywheels). Energy equipment markets are increasingly evenly distributed between US, North American, Asian and European markets, with developing countries showing rapid rates of development in technology-driven grids.

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Energy Equipment Industry Research & Market Reports

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