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The three most important variables in real estate are location, location and location. For business, demographics tells you where your customers are, who they are, and what they want, making it the ‘location’ of business. Demographics is a way to describe the characteristics of human population. Widely used in public policy, marketing and sociology, demographics data is the life’s blood of a wide variety of users: from presidential campaigns looking to get out the vote to a mom and pop ice cream store hoping to target advertising to an area with a large number of children.

Detailed demographics data is invaluable, but can be difficult to come by. It allows an organization or business to specifically target segments of the population with advertising or messaging tailored to elicit a response based on age, gender, hobbies, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, and past purchasing habits. Accurate demographic data will allow for higher return on investment and avoid wasted resources by focusing attention to where it will be most effective, but polling is costly and time consuming, placing it outside of the realm of possibility for most businesses.

The reports in the Demographics Category represent powerful tools, available to assist organizations in better understanding their current and prospective customer base. They break down marketing trends, purchasing habits, and future trends based on the many factors listed above, as well as region, country and religion. Combining these factors, you will be able to gain invaluable insight into who your customers are, as well as who they could be in the future.

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Financial Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Consumer Types: Mexico

    ... Results are based on responses to Euromonitor’s flagship Global Consumer Trends survey 2016, which includes 28,000 online consumers in 20 countries. Strategy Briefings offer unique insight into emerging trends world-wide. Aimed squarely at strategists and ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Pakistan

    ... grow and change consumers’ shopping habits in coming years, including growth of online shopping. This very young country is projected to remain young and this segment will be the main driver for all kinds of ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Spain

    ... still cautious when it comes to spending, embracing their price sensitivity and avoiding long-term debt. Young consumers, in particular, are still trying to find their financial footing. Despite the economic crisis, the popularity of internet ... Read More

  • Single Lifestyles - UK - September 2017

    ... to shoulder financial burdens alone. This has very real commercial implications as the group’s consequently reduced spending power makes them a more challenging audience for brands.” – Jack Duckett, Senior Consumer Lifestyles Analyst This report ... Read More

  • The Over-65s and Financial Services - UK - August 2017

    ... providers, or marketed to via patronising representations of how life should be at this age. Recognising the diversity of financial needs among this age group is important if providers are to meet their needs effectively.” ... Read More

  • Consumer Attitudes towards Debt - UK - July 2017

    ... are already feeling the squeeze of a combination of rising prices and slow wage growth. As a result, more consumers are likely to turn to revolving credit for day-to-day spending. However, consumers will also take ... Read More

  • American Lifestyles - US - April 2017

    ... their outlook on spending. Most agree that their financial situations will stay the same, or even improve in the next 12 months. Even with a majority feeling financially stable, it is clear that people are ... Read More

  • Millennials and Finance - US - April 2017

    ... are between the ages of 22 and 39 (turning 40 in 2017) and, as such, represent a mixed group of consumers, experiencing a number of different major life milestones." - Jennifer White Boehm Associate Director ... Read More

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you ... Read More

  • Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What

    ... The all-new 21st edition of Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What reveals who spends and the products and services they buy. Included in the 21st edition is a look at the spending recovery ... Read More

  • Consumer Attitudes towards Financial Services Innovation - UK - February 2017

    ... and messaging. Customisation and security are the main two areas for banks to address. Consumers will demand control over their data and additional security measures in order to convince them to opt in.” – Paul ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Saudi Arabia

    ... rising inflation but also of recent reductions in government subsidies and the impact of those cuts on household budgets. Consumers’ wariness has been reflected in several ways, including the postponement of big-ticket purchase and the ... Read More

  • African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition

    ... population as including individuals who identify in Census Bureau data as “black or African-American alone,” regardless of whether they also identify as Hispanic. This definition is consistent with the data categories used by forecasting groups ... Read More

  • Financial Capability - UK - September 2016

    ... introduction of compulsory financial education and the launch of the UK Financial Capability Strategy have put financial capability at the heart of strategy decisions in both the public and private spheres. As consumers are being ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Nigeria

    ... consumer spending. On the other hand, despite a strong tradition of shopping in traditional markets, consumers are quickly becoming comfortable shopping online. More broadly, observers are watching closely as Nigerians increasingly move closer to adopting ... Read More

  • Hispanics: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 9th Edition

    ... has been growing faster than the number of non-Hispanic households. Second, average spending by Latino households has increased more than average spending by non-Hispanic households. These two basic variables (more rapid household growth + higher ... Read More

  • Morocco in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... falling birth rates and an increase in older age groups. This will be compounded by negative net migration over the same period. The urban population will continue to increase rapidly in 2015-2030 and will account ... Read More

  • Lifestage Marketing in Financial Services - US - January 2016

    ... and financial institutions are always seeking ways to appeal to the needs of each one. While the recent recession affected everybody, it may have permanently altered the way Millennials, in particular, look at the financial ... Read More

  • Savings - Ireland - January 2016

    ... saving or add to existing savings. This is particularly true of RoI consumers, who felt the effects of the recession far more severely than their NI counterparts, but, equally, are feeling the effects of the ... Read More

  • Baby Boomers and Finance - US - November 2015

    ... of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey, Boomers earn an estimated $2.4 trillion each year. This report examines how the Boomers feel about retirement: how much they have saved for it; their plans for how to ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Thailand

    ... grandparents for childcare whilst parents go out to work. The ageing population is increasing and consumers are looking at ways in which they can support themselves during retirement. Online shopping and social media has developed ... Read More

  • Consumer Attitudes toward Debt - US - July 2015

    ... and interest rates stay low. As loan demand grows, however, the industry is facing disruption by P2P (peer-to-peer) lenders that match borrowers and investors, cutting out the bank in the process. While these new lenders ... Read More

  • The Role of Trust in Financial Services - US - April 2015

    ... services. However, not all sectors were negatively impacted; credit unions continue to attract more consumers as do alternative banks. Understanding customers’ needs and delivering on these is a key tactic impacting trust development. Throughout this ... Read More

  • Ladies’ Cards 2014: A global collection, overview and analysis of credit and debit cards for women

    ... This is the only off-the-shelf report available systematically collecting, sorting and analyzing female card products. Half of the world’s population is female, however less than 0.1% of the payment card products are designed for women. ... Read More

  • American Buyers: Demographics of Shopping

    ... for what is happening in their own establishment, American Buyers lets them see the big picture beyond their walls or web site. Its unique weekly and quarterly spending data, which are not available online, show ... Read More

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