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Bars and Taverns are local gathering places where customers can eat bar food and drink alcoholic and not alcoholic drinks. Historically, bars and taverns are places that could have a relationship with certain vendors or suppliers to market or increase awareness of specific brands. Bars and taverns are casual environments generally containing bar stools and tables. There can be entertainment which includes; music, bands, comedy shows and dancing.

Specials may be offered to increase attendance or draw certain audiences. There are cocktail bars which generally serve light h'orderves or snacks. It can be attached to a restaurant or hotel. Wine bars cater to individuals that like upscale wines. Martini bars cater to individuals with a penchant for martinis. There are biker bars, gay bars, lesbian bars, alternate bars, singles bars, and college bars. Generally, the specific adjective describes the type of person associated with the type of person, who attends. Minors can have restricted access based on time of day or individual the person is accompanied by.Most municipalities regulate hours of operation and zoning laws.

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Bars & Taverns Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Cafés/Bars in Indonesia

    ... socialise with friends or families while enjoying drinks or food in cafés and restaurants. Moreover, the millennial population are very active on social media and are in favour of taking pictures/selfies of their activities and ... Read More

  • Food Services and Drinking Places - The 2018 U.S. Market Research Report (Covers 2009-2022)

    ... United States. Kentley Insights' Market Research Reports are based on millions of annual comprehensive business surveys. This report is utilized for a range of strategic purposes, including benchmarking, due diligence, cost cutting, planning, evaluating opportunities, ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Morocco

    ... the most important place to socialise for men. As a consequence, cafés are widespread across the country and can be found in both urban and rural areas. As the habit of going to a café ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Turkey

    ... to ongoing security risks, macroeconomic deterioration in general and increasing inflation have had an upward effect on prices. Therefore, while value sales rose in 2017, the number of transactions continued to decline. Additionally, despite tourism ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in the Philippines

    ... foodservice sales, the number of outlets and the number of transactions by sector, allowing you to identify the foodservice sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in New Zealand

    ... health-consciousness among local consumers, led to diminishing demand for alcoholic drinks. In response, many bars/pubs revamped their menus to include more food items in order to sustain their businesses and extend their consumer bases, such ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Austria

    ... projected continuing decline in outlets, impacting mainly cafés and bars in rural areas and smaller towns. In this environment, cafés/bars will continually face competition from permanent premises and regular parties/festivals organised by non-profit associations with ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Japan

    ... work or when socialising with friends. Japanese consumers generally appreciate having food to eat while enjoying drinks. Izakaya benefit from offering affordable prices, with the leading chains in particular competing heavily on price. The popularity ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Greece

    ... fierce competition by 100% home delivery/takeaway coffee brands like Coffee Island, that offer a variety of high-quality coffee at competitive prices. Independent cafés are being outperformed by coffee specialist chains, such as Mikel, which combine ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Thailand

    ... in its store for consumers to purchase and enjoy at home or on site. Euromonitor International's Cafés/Bars in Thailand report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in France

    ... value decline faced by cafés/bars in 2017. The growing popularity of street stalls/kiosks, convenience stores and bakery products fast food has significantly raised the level of competition, leading traditional players in cafés/bars to experience strong ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Finland

    ... staying out late on weekdays is less acceptable. Observers commented that even behaviour in classic Finnish nightlife, such as the binge drinking associated with events like company Christmas parties, became more civilised. Furthermore, dating apps ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Peru

    ... quality product and a cultural factor, the social habit of getting together with friends or celebrating some event. The increase of new businesses opened by entrepreneurs, mainly young people, who sought places to have meetings ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Russia

    ... specialist coffee shops. At the end of the review period, players continued to expand and improve their businesses, although their main focus was on the quality of services and products as consumers increasingly demanded a ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in South Korea

    ... shops such as Starbucks, A Twosome Place and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, recorded strong performances as well as economy coffee brands such as Ediya Espresso, which also increased its outlet numbers and sales. ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Sweden

    ... one of the highest per capita consumption rates of coffee in the world. As cafés are considered old-fashioned in Sweden, and there is a very limited activity from chained café operators in the country, Sweden ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Slovakia

    ... which continued to provide a boost to consumer purchasing power in 2017. Euromonitor International's Cafés/Bars in Slovakia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Ukraine

    ... co-operate more with local manufacturers/suppliers to customise their offers, as well as costs/supply structure optimisation. This resulted in the introduction of coffee/drinks using their own roasts, alternative options of brewery, different drinks mixes, and cocktails; ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in the United Arab Emirates

    ... Papa Roti and Cha Cha Chai are home-grown concepts which are expanding swiftly in retail and independent locations respectively. Alshaya Group and Azadea Group have enhanced their foodservice portfolios with brands such as Le Pain ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Germany

    ... to appeal more to older generations thanks to their more traditional ambience and products and specialist coffee shops attract younger consumers due to their more modern décor and fashionable offerings, while juice/smoothie bars attract those ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Hong Kong, China

    ... number rising before 2016. Chained specialist coffee shops is approaching maturity. The chained brands are facing keen competition from independent players that are able to satisfy consumers’ increasing demand for premium beverages. Ice drip coffee, ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Chile

    ... and quality, production, extraction method, traceability and sustainability become important. The Chilean consumer is also part of this trend, reflected in the high degree of sophistication of specialist coffee shops appearing in the country. The ... Read More

  • Consumer Foodservice in Germany

    ... total number of units continued to decline as a result of a trend towards fewer but larger outlets (with more transactions and higher value sales per transaction on average). The industry’s performance was in fact ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Vietnam

    ... brands. Most tea houses operate similarly to specialist coffee shops, as there are seating areas for customers to spend time in and enjoy their drinks. Notable brands that have entered Vietnam in recent years have ... Read More

  • Cafés/Bars in Spain

    ... to improve the performance of the category. As a result, a strong performance is expected over the forecast period due to higher consumer disposable incomes to spend on leisure, especially among millennials. These young consumers ... Read More

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