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The floral industry in the U.S. has a combined yearly revenue over $5 billion, which is spread across around 15,000 retail flower shops. This is a highly fragmented industry, with the 50 biggest floral companies only making up 10% of the revenue. The products sold by florists include accessories, gifts, vases, loose cut flowers, pre-cut flower arrangements, artificial flowers and potted plants.

Majority of the services provided by these entities consists of arranging flowers, taking care of flowers, taking down orders and delivering the arrangements. Some of the popular floral companies in America is, Teleflora and FTD. There are different providers of floral services in the U.S., including local florists, independent florists, mass merchandisers and supermarkets.

Flowers that are sold around the world are normally imported. There was about 400,000 hectares of land used just for flower growth, back in 2011. These exports from around the globe consist of prepared cut flowers and flower buds that are used in bouquets and decor. About 75% of flowers that are sold within the U.S. come from Ecuador and Colombia.

The research studies that we provide for florists in retail and consumer goods industries can be used to assist you with staying competitive and growing within the market. There is a wide range of studies available, including those for florist shops and businesses, floriculture, specific plants and flowers and horticulture.

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Florists Industry Research & Market Reports

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