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Established applications of Information Technology in the healthcare and life sciences sector are already revolutionizing the ways in which patients are treated and diagnosed. The ability to improve patient care has always interested the public at large and made for good headlines. However, the next wave of innovation is going to change the back office operations of hospitals, clinics and private medical practices in an effort to drive efficiency and cut costs across the health system.

Healthcare software can include tools, particularly in Hospital Information Systems, that integrate patient records and prescriptions with clinical guidance and decision trees. Clinical Decision Support vendors distribute software that uses pre-established rules and guidelines integrating clinical data from several sources to generate alerts and treatment suggestions.

Healthcare IT developers are expected to benefit from the U.S. government’s reform and reinvestment legislation, which forces most practitioners and hospitals to adopt electronic record keeping.

Other branches of the broader healthcare IT market include market research databases heavily used by the pharmaceutical industry to track drug development, sales force effectiveness and product pipelines.

Wireless technology in healthcare is yet another fast developing branch of the market. The proliferation of wireless technologies holds almost limitless potential to advance the practice of medicine and save time and money.

Caregivers, let alone their patients, may benefit the most from the proliferation of the wireless industry, as medical personnel gain the ability to access real-time patient information and medical research from the point of care. This can not only let decisions be made much faster and more accurately, but can allow first responders to be in immediate touch with a clinical expert or expected physician, giving those at the medical center more time to prepare for incoming patients.

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Information Technology Industry Research & Market Reports

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