Franchises Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Franchises are approvals given by a corporation for an individual or group to sell that company’s goods or services in another location. In return, the franchisor maintains the business process while the new operator runs that business according to their model. While most people think of the fast-food market in terms of franchise opportunities, franchises actually span across many industries including automotive, computer, medical, and sports. has information on all types of franchise opportunities to help you make informed business decisions based on objective data.

Franchise Industry Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Our information spans not only franchise opportunities, but also the processes that must be followed — everything from selection to start-up and running the new business.
  • Learn what you need to know about capital requirements, site selection, marketing expenses and much more.
  • With our franchise industry research, you can quickly ascertain current data on franchising market sizing, growth projections, and key challenges and factors at play.
  • In addition, you can better understand disruptive trends that have the potential to reshape the landscape entirely, so you can stay ahead of these market shifts.

Your One-Stop Shop for Franchise Research

Access valuable franchising data effortlessly through We serve a range of clients from top investment banks and global corporations to boutique consulting firms and entrepreneurs. With over 20 years of experience in market research, we're dedicated to delivering unmatched value. Explore our wide range of franchises market research reports to identify promising opportunities.

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Franchises Industry Research & Market Reports

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