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Computer Hardware & Networking Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Computer Training Services in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... may also supply other training services. The industry does not include computer repair services, higher education computing qualifications, or firms that purely focus on non-qualification based training. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and ... Read More

  • Fiji - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... in order to stay connected in an increasingly globalised society. Fiji presents a challenging geographic environment for infrastructure development generally, due to its population being spread across more than 100 islands. However the majority of ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Q3 2018

    ... categories - and the drag from declining levelsof visitor spending, especially on smaller form factors such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Vendors will therefore increasinglyrely on replacement spending by local consumers, where there will be ... Read More

  • Hungary Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... a drag. This pattern is repeated in the localindustry where software and services are outperforming through Hungary's emergence as a nearshoring centre. Political risk is anincreasing concern for investors and could lower the growth outlook ... Read More

  • Israel Consumer Electronics Q3 2018

    ... Israel because of positivedemographics, as well as purchasing power growth that should allow vendors to capitalise through higher average device prices. Interms of consumer electronics industry, Israel has a large and innovative ecosystem, with a ... Read More

  • Peru Consumer Electronics Q3 2018

    ... due to its frontiermarket status underpins our forecast for sustained growth. There are however significant differences in the segment outlook due totechnology and usage trends, as well as downside risks in the form of potential ... Read More

  • Indonesia Consumer Electronics Q3 2018

    ... will make it one of a group of outperforming frontier markets in the region over the medium term, along with Indiaand Pakistan. There are however some negative features in late developing markets, such as the ... Read More

  • Advanced Materials for 3D Printing: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... the period 2017 through 2023, including the following: Materials: - Plastics and polymers. - Ceramics. - Metals. - Others (e.g., wax, graphene, bio-ink). Applications: - Automotive. - Aerospace. - Consumer goods. - Medical and dental. ... Read More

  • Electricity and Signal Testing Instruments Manufacturing: Global Markets to 2022

    ... signal testing instruments and other testing and measuring instruments. Report Includes - 96 data tables - A detailed overview of global markets for electricity and signal testing instruments manufacturing - Country-specific data and analysis for ... Read More

  • Macedonia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... closer economic ties with the Union: the EU accounts for 60% of Macedonia's exports and about half of its imports. Closer regulatory and administrative ties with European Commission (EC) institutions have done much to develop ... Read More

  • Georgia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... GDP. Mobile penetration stood at 129% in early 2018. Growth in mobile broadband has been steady, supported by the auction of spectrum in the 800MHz and 2100MHz bands which has enabled the network operators to ... Read More

  • Smart Cities: Growing New IT Markets

    ... segments include communications, hardware, sensors, and software as well as in-depth market size and forecast for key end-user segments including energy management, water management, transportation management, assisted living, e-government, and waste management. Report Includes - ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... software and services is the highest value in per capita terms in Central andEastern European region. The basis for the relatively lucrative local market is household affluence and the size and sophistication oflocal enterprise demand. Read More

  • Mexico Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... demand for the latest technologies. Some downside risk for local industryand the consumer market remains, however, deriving mainly from potential policy shocks in the Trump era, despite the corescenario being for NAFTA to remain intact. Read More

  • Poland Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... efficiency generating and flexibility enhancing solutions tosupport their expansion and modernisation. This trend will be supported by the operating environment where there is a positiveeconomic growth trend and zloty appreciation that will raise purchasing power. Read More

  • Taiwan Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... is also a high value hardware market in percapita terms, but growth potential is limited by saturation, and it will therefore be software and services demand that is the keygrowth engine over the forecast period ... Read More

  • Estonia - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... MVNO sector remains underdeveloped. Operator investment in HSPA and LTE technologies has underscored the growing mobile broadband sector. The launch of LTE-A services has also provided far higher data rates, bringing the county to the ... Read More

  • Japan Enterprise Storage Systems Forecast, 2018-2022

    ... forecast are analyzed from spending and shipment capacity perspectives. "It is growing more vital for storage vendors to formulate their strategies for responding to the wide range of storage spending model or consumption model. Not ... Read More

  • Worldwide and U.S. Digital Strategy and Agency Services Forecast, 2018–2022

    ... consulting, custom application development, risk and security, digital agency, and cognitive business services markets."In our most recent survey of digital enterprise leadership worldwide, executives reiterate that consulting partners are essential to digital transformation success. As ... Read More

  • Poland - Mobile Infrastructure, Operators and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... and operators alike are preparing for 5G, with the regulator embarking on a long-term strategy and with operators such as Orange Poland preparing to trial services based on 5G technologies in 2019. Mobile penetration in ... Read More

  • Kosovo - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... direct investment. The economy is significantly driven by trade with Germany and Switzerland, where most expatriates live and work. Remittances from such workers form an important part of household incomes. The telecom sector has been ... Read More

  • Netherlands - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... is partly the result of higher mobile penetration and also to competition on pricing which has meant that subscribers have less cause to acquire SIM cards from different providers to capitalise on cheaper on-net tariffs. ... Read More

  • France - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... data at above 300Mb/s has extensive coverage, while both Orange and Bouygues Telecom are involved in 5G trials. The regulator has also been supportive, issuing two 5G trial licences for use of spectrum in the ... Read More

  • Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions News: June 2018

    Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions News: June 2018 This IDC Market Note includes news about printer vendors that occurred in June 2018. Read More

  • Portugal - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... years. The MVNO market remains undeveloped, partly because network operators have their own low-cost brands. Collectively, MVNOs have about 2.1% share of the market. Population coverage by 3G infrastructure is universal and so most investment ... Read More

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