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  • Romania Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... conditions and convergence potential towards Western European levels of private and public sector digitisation. Thereare however, external risks to the positive outlook such as eurozone instability, while overheating of the domestic economy is also apossibility. Read More

  • Qatar Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... core medium-term scenario is however, stillbroadly positive based on economic and demographic trends, policy support for ICT adoption by enterprises and the governmentand major project spending ahead of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, as ... Read More

  • United States Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... reach USD1,465bn in 2022. Software andservices will drive growth, as the hardware segment is saturated. New services such as IoT, AI or cybersecurity will ensure the US willremain at the cutting edge of new technology. Read More

  • Venezuela Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... long term prospects weakened as skilled workers fled thecountry. The domestic IT market was hit by hyperinflation and a collapse of the bolivar's value against the US dollar that meantconsumers primary focus switched to obtaining ... Read More

  • Malaysia Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... power growth and an expanding population. The main driver will be enterprise andpublic sector investments in software and services as a result of technology trends and the opportunities presented bymodernisation and higher levels of digitisation. Read More

  • Chile Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... the level of IT utilisation increasesacross a range of industries. We expect enterprise investments will continue for solutions including cloud computing, mobile, dataanalytics and cyber security - but there is a mixed outlook for hardware ... Read More

  • Worldwide File Synchronization and Sharing Software Forecast, 2018–2022

    ... region and market segment. It also includes historical revenue data and updates the market view included in Worldwide File Synchronization and Sharing Software Forecast, 2017–2021 (IDC #US42222817, October 2017). Additional analysis includes the key drivers ... Read More

  • Western Europe Production Page Volume Forecast, 2018–2022

    ... toward high-speed inkjet, eroding the growth of laser production devices. However, toner-based products will continue shipping in Western Europe throughout the forecast period," said Julio Vial, research manager, IDC Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions Group. Read More

  • Argentina Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... deal with the IMF. This reduces import affordability for local consumersand businesses, as well as softening confidence levels in the short-term. We do, however, still anticipate opportunities for IT vendorsto materialise later in the forecast ... Read More

  • Brazil Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... The outlook is for much more modest growth rates over the mediumterm against a backdrop of a sluggish economic recovery, and with downside from political risk. There are still opportunities insoftware and services, for instance, ... Read More

  • China Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... spending in the IT market and these will include nationwide initiatives to speed up technological uptake,expansion of various industries and economic verticals under the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) and the growing IT software andservices bills ... Read More

  • Egypt Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... is positioned for a period of sustained expansion in 2018-2022. Vendors willbenefit from pent-up demand post-crisis, as well as the underling growth engine from economic modernisation and expansion. Thedomestic IT industry also has a bright ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Consumer Electronics Q3 2018

    ... 2018-2022. First-time buyer opportunities in major urban areas willdecrease, but there remains a significant pool of new buyers in lower-income regions where device penetration and uptake ratesare low. Lev appreciation forecast by our Country Risk ... Read More

  • Colombia Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... This potential exists because of low adoption rates in what is afrontier economy, and our Country Risk team's view for stronger economic performance. There is, however, downside for thehardware segment because of shifting usage patterns ... Read More

  • India Information Technology Q3 2018

    ... of a newGoods and Services Tax (GST), with less-essential tablets hit hard in 2017. Servers and spending on cloud computing services andinfrastructure will keep the market buoyant, to a degree. We forecast IT spending CAGR ... Read More

  • Electronic Component Wholesalers

    ... the US) and WPG Holdings (Taiwan), Future Electronics (Canada), and Premier Farnell (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand for electronic components is driven largely by business and consumer purchases of computers and telecommunications equipment. The profitability of ... Read More

  • Global automotive OE lighting market - forecasts to 2033

    ... OE global lighting sector, major suppliers, top 14 markets, technology trends and market size forecasts. Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes: Automotive OE front lighting (halogen, HID ... Read More

  • Automotive light-vehicle sensors - technology, trends and forecasts to 2033

    ... materials and suppliers involved, and material content forecasts out to 2029. Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this study includes: Material developments including aluminium, carbon fibre, magnesium, organics, plastics, composites and steel ... Read More

  • Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (TDY) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to ... Read More

  • Dell Technologies Inc (DVMT) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to ... Read More

  • Slovenia - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... of competing platforms, DSL remains the most popular access method though its market share is being eroded by the steady development of fibre-based networks, as well as by upgraded cable networks which offer data rates ... Read More

  • Slovakia - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... the dominant platform for connections, while the cable sector is particularly strong in urban areas. A fast-developing FttX infrastructure has been supported by sympathetic regulatory measures. There are also wireless broadband options from the mobile ... Read More

  • United Kingdom - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... aims to increase its footprint to cover about two-thirds of premises by 2019. Virgin Media has also entered the fibre market, aiming to provide FttP to about one million customers while most of the remainder ... Read More

  • Sweden - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... broadband access, though the number of subscribers is falling as customers migrate to fibre networks. Some resilience in the DSL sector is shown by operators investing in VDSL upgrades, though this is a short-term measure ... Read More

  • Spain - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... for the first time. Broadband penetration remains on a par with the EU average, though growth into 2018 is expected to be stimulated by regulatory measures introduced in 2017 which obliged incumbent telco Telefónica to ... Read More

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