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Cheesemaking may be an ancient craft, but it’s modern techniques and trends that are giving this classic food favorite new life through the introduction of products boasting unique flavors, containing lower sodium, and even offered in dairy-free varieties.

Roughly 90% of American adults eat cheese. Adults and kids eat it at home, in restaurants, and when they snack on-the-go throughout the day. Mozzarella and cheddar have been the long-standing darlings of the cheese segment, and even goat cheese has gained its fair share of advocates over the years. But foodies and the desire to seek out gourmet varieties has flooded the U.S. market with all sorts of artisanal offerings. In addition, the nationwide swing toward healthier fare is reshaping the cheese industry as much as any other.

The retail cheese market can be divided into three main categories: natural cheese (including most gourmet or specialty cheeses), processed cheese (including American cheese), and imitation cheese. Each of these categories can be divided into dozens or even hundreds of subcategories made up of groups and individual types of cheese. offers the insights necessary to thrive in this mature but still innovative and growing market.

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Cheese Industry Research & Market Reports

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