Scientific, Technical & Medical Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The market for scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing exceeds $26 billion annually with steady growth and good margins, but its true strength and value go far beyond mere commerce. Its products record and disseminate information that can have a profound effect on society. Journal articles, for example, contain tested theories and ideas that can be used as starting points on which to build additional pieces of scientific knowledge or medical discovery.

The two main segments of the market are scientific and technical publishing and medical publishing. The distinction between the two segments is determined by the specific subject matter being publishing and the target audience. Core scientific and technical subject areas include chemistry, physics, computer science, technology, and all areas of engineering and mathematics.

Medical publishing is centered on clinical medicine and health professions such as nursing, dentistry and allied health (physical therapy, optometry, radiography, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.). The medical publishing market also has a large medical communications component made up of specially-packaged materials purchased by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, which use it to help promote products to medical professionals.’s collection of market research studies on STM publishing will help you stay competitive and grow in this global market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from scientific and technical publishing, medical publishing, academic journals, professional level books, databases, online services and the emerging markets for e-books and open access publishing.

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Scientific, Technical & Medical Industry Research & Market Reports

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