Battery Technology Market Research Reports

Batteries are energy storage devices that allow electrical energy to flow when connected to an electrical circuit. All sizes are available and found in everything from watches and flashlights to cars and boats. The global battery market has been strong in recent years with global revenue reaching $47.5 billion in 2009. Some experts predict that with growing demand for portable electronics that revenue could reach $86.6 billion by 2018. As the demand for batteries grows, so will the need for battery technology, including chargers and testing equipment. Among the most common battery chargers available are those for mobile devices. According to 2015 statistics, 80% of Internet users own smartphones, while 91% own laptops, 47% own tablets and 37% own gaming consoles. All of these portable devices use batteries and therefore require chargers to keep them running when not plugged into an outlet. As more mobile devices are produced that rely on batteries, there will be a greater need for battery testers. Many applications are available now that gauge the overall life of a device’s battery while determining the amount of life available for use before a charge is required. Battery testers are also very common for cars, trucks and boats; however, physical equipment is usually required to run battery tests. offers comprehensive research on battery technology, providing insight into charging equipment, test equipment, battery manufacturers and the global battery market as a whole. Browse industry reports, market research reports databases and more for the United States and worldwide to find quality information on battery technology.
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Battery Technology Industry Research & Market Reports

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