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A fence is a standalone structure that is designed and produced to impede or hinder the crossing of an established boundary. A fence is different that a wall, usually distinguished from the other based on the lighter weight of a fence in comparison to that of a wall. Fences are created for a variety of reason: agricultural, to corral livestock and keep potential predators out; privacy fencing; temporary fencing, if there is a need to control movement and/or provide security and safety, usually on building locations; perimeter fencing for the prevention of theft/trespassing and to keep children and pets in a designated area; decorative fencing to enhance to aesthetic appeal of property; and boundary fencing, used to distinguish property lines.

Residential areas are responsible for the biggest fencing market, and the demand for plastic and composite fencing is growing. Fencing composed of these materials resembles authentic wood, but it lasts longer, requires less care, and if often more environmentally and economically friendly. Ornamental varieties of fencing are also available to enhance to overall appeal of a piece of property.

Fencing is also in demand in the non-residential market, mainly for construction, agricultural, and commercial services. Concrete fencing materials as well as chain link fencing are utilized more often in these areas to mark boundaries, and provide protection and security. These forms of fencing are highly durable.

There are specific classifications of facilities and areas that are frequently required be enclosed by fencing: establishments with high-voltage equipment in open areas, transformer stations, machinery with potential dangerous pieces, quarries, explosive factories, industrial plants, military facilities, zoos and other wildlife parks, pastures with free roaming animals, aquatic centers, prisons, airfields, and occasionally railway lines (dependent upon their location).

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Fencing Industry Research & Market Reports

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