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Research and development (R&D) is an integral part of any business. Knowing what’s happening in the industry is the best way for companies to stay on top of the latest developments and ahead of their competition. Businesses must look at their resources to determine if new products or procedures are available to either help improve business practices or create new products. Since consumer preferences are always changing, businesses need to look at their products and services in regard to not only creating new products but also enhancing those already available.

Research and development includes discovering new knowledge about products and services and then using that knowledge to create new and even better products and services. Companies who do not invest in research and development run the risk of having outdated products when new technologies arise.

Not all new product concepts make it to fruition and it’s important for companies to understand how to use their resources appropriately in order to make the right decisions. Use to learn what businesses should be doing in terms of research and development to help expand their current operations. Find out what companies are spending on R&D and how this information is being used.
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