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The general entertainment industry is made up of many companies that produce and moderate the forms of entertainment that are manufactured and distributed to the masses. The general entertainment industry is formed by a variety of sub-groups that create and uphold the groundwork for the general entertainment industry at large. These general entertainment sub-industries are responsible for providing the general public with a variety of entertainment possibilities including live entertainment, musical entertainment, exhibition entertainment, mass media entertainment, and electronic entertainment. Live entertainment is comprised of the circus, comedy performances, sporting events, the performing arts, musical theater performances, and concerts. Examples of musical entertainment include orchestras and concert hall performances, as well as the composers, vocal artists, and musicians. Exhibition entertainment includes amusement parks, trade shows, and/or fairs. Mass media is made up of film, the internet, and broadcasting, amongst others. Electronic entertainment is mainly composed of video games.

The general entertainment industry is constantly evolving with new innovations and ideas for the market. E-books are becoming increasingly common and make up a good portion of present book sales. Web-based entertainment is becoming popular as well, and as the general public is able to watch television shows and movies online. Radio and digital downloads are readily available online as well. Cellular devices have become a media device in the entertainment industry as well, and televisions are being created and sold with high definition and three-dimensional capabilities.

As there are so many differing forms of general entertainment, the competition within this industry is steep. Companies and sub-industries are constantly in competition with each other for viewership, subscriptions, and sales. Consumers are demanding more of general entertainment and entertainment products.

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General Entertainment Industry Research & Market Reports

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