Air Purification Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Air quality products are a category that includes humidifiers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers for household or personal use. These products are created to change the quality of indoor air in an individual room or within an area inside a house. They are normally small so they can be efficiently moved, and do not require installation and very little maintenance. With the growth in consumer knowledge of, an interest in, better air quality, there is a great opportunity for manufacturers and companies to position air quality items as must-have products, equally as important as irons and vacuums. Manufacturers are presently creating new ideas in the area of items that do not leave unwanted pollutants like a bad ozone. Air purifiers that have high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA), do not leave bad ozone in the air, which can increase symptoms of allergies.

Air quality items are getting huge traction and demand from Easter-influences complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). CAM encompasses a large spectrum of therapies, treatments, and health-systems --both ancient and new-- that can be normally identified as health and wellness practices falling outside of the spectrum of normal Western medicine and Western consumer habits. The air quality products market has many major companies, with no individual firm dominating the market. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) single handedly lists off more than 4 brands of air cleaners that have gone through certification through its Room Air Cleaner Certification Program. Humidifier and dehumidifier manufacturers are just as many and divided. Air quality product marketers mostly lie in two categories: small private companies with limited items and distribution, and large innovators with many product lines, including home appliances. Hamilton Beach is a main player in the market, but the majority of it’s success is driven from the company's capability to take on more shelf space and create brand visibility by offering various product lines.

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Air Purification Industry Research & Market Reports

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