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Pet care services divide into veterinary vs. non-medical. Veterinary services, in turn, break out into services for livestock animals vs. services for companion pets. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates the U.S. veterinary services market for pets at over $15 billion in 2014.

Non-medical services, which focus on pets, include bathing and grooming, pet sitting or boarding, obedience training, and pet health insurance, along with pampering options such as pet spas and resorts, in keeping with the humanization and premiumization trends that are driving pet market growth in pet care services as well as pet supplies. Packaged Facts estimates the U.S. market for non-medical pet services—the fastest-growing sector of a robust pet industry—at over $7 billion.

The industry-wide pet care services trend is toward multiservice facilities, with a significant degree of overlap between the various kinds of service providers and service channels. This trend is notably evident in pet superstore chains offering adoption, veterinary, grooming, training, and boarding services alongside packaged pet food and non-food supplies.

Even as pet services are integrated into big-box chain retail formats, the range of pet care services continues to expand and diversify, a trend fueled by high-energy entrepreneurs and franchise outfits with national aspirations, tapping into such fertile areas as mobile grooming, pet travel services, pet waste removal, and funerary/bereavement services. offers an extensive collection of research reports on pet services from market-leading and boutique publishers including Canadean, Euromonitor International, Global Research & Data Services, Packaged Facts, Plimsoll, and ResearchFarm. Whether you are looking for market quantification and projections or analysis of industry drivers, growth sectors, and segment trends, you’ll find the competitive intelligence you need to strategize successfully in this sector of the pet care industry. 

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Pet Care Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Innovation in Pet Food: Premiumisation and Segmentation

    ... consumers who are increasingly savvy, picky and, in many cases, price sensitive, while demanding the best for their pets. With a larger number of brands, local players becoming more competitive and private label tapping into ... Read More

  • Pet Care in South Africa

    ... pet food. The reduced purchasing power of the rand and increasing food prices put considerable pressure on consumers’ incomes, decreasing volume growth and driving them to hunt for bargains, whilst still seeking quality and the ... Read More

  • Pet Products in South Africa

    ... on value for money, or factors such as aesthetics. The pet humanisation trend, whereby owners regard pets as members of their family, continued at the end of the review period, encouraging consumers to spend more ... Read More

  • Dog Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... offerings and treats are also growing rapidly due to evolution of the relationship between owner and pet. An increasing number of consumers consider their dogs as companions or even a surrogate child. Trends influencing the ... Read More

  • Pet Products in the United Arab Emirates

    ... cat litter, such as sand and silicon content that are scented, unscented, clumping and non-clumping. In terms of pet healthcare, more products geared towards spa experience were launched to address irritation and other skin problems. ... Read More

  • Consumer Goods & Retailing: Global Pet Care Retailes

    ... outlet number outlets, employees figures, address details and management information. Annual figures officially published by the retailers themselves is included in turnover. 2 sources provide reliable data we use these to make estimates, when official ... Read More

  • Cat Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... products. 2017 also saw companies continue to launch and develop products aimed at specific breeds, age and health conditions. The rising popularity of premium products is likewise reflected in packaging, with matte pouches that look ... Read More

  • Pet Care in the United Arab Emirates

    ... the relationship between owner and pet. An increasing number of consumers consider pets as people or surrogate children. Trends towards the humanisation of pets, natural, healthy and organic products were evident in pet care products. ... Read More

  • Pet Shops & Supplies (UK) - Industry Report

    ... PRODUCTS LTD, PAMPURREDPETS LTD and JOHNSONS VETERINARY PRODUCTS LTD. This report covers activities such as dog, pet, pets, cat, food and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. ... Read More

  • Boarding Kennels & Catteries (UK) - Industry Report

    ... LTD, ERR and ERR. This report covers activities such as boarding kennels, cattery, kennels, dogs, grooming and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s latest Boarding ... Read More

  • Dog Training (UK) - Industry Report

    ... LTD and CHIEFGLEN K9 TRAINING SCHOOL LTD. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s latest Dog Training (UK) analysis is ideal for anyone wanting ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Germany

    ... from packaged food, health and wellness or even fashion, and translated them into products for pets. One of the larger trends was the growing demand for more natural products, free from artificial enhancers or even ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Thailand

    ... later and choose to have fewer children, pets are seen as providing a form of companionship. The elderly live longer and seek out pets for companionship too, as their children have less time for them ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Thailand

    ... tablets. They are more knowledgeable about treating minor ailments in their pets and know which products to use. Pets are often only taken to the vet in serious cases. The best-selling pet healthcare products are ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Germany

    ... to support their other needs to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health. As a result, products to keep pets happy and healthy were in high demand in 2017, driving volume and value sales. ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Ukraine

    ... Ores market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Sweden

    ... currency, average unit prices for most imported products at least doubled during the crisis. Domestic manufacturers responded by increasing production levels while still striving to maintain competitive pricing strategies, and this enabled Ukrainian brands to ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Denmark

    ... food. The high increase of duties on pet food puts more strain on the demand and supply of imported products. Importers are more concerned about essential products not manufactured in Egypt, such as perfumes and ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Denmark

    ... foreign currency and restrictions on imports hampered the demand for pet products. Higher prices supported value growth rates, but hindered volume sales. Indeed, many retailers and owners have neglected to purchase pet products as they ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Egypt

    ... that dominated packaged food in recent years also influenced pet care. In 2017, demand for natural and clean products, as well as grain-free and healthy options, continued to increase. Consumers prioritise their pets and would ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Egypt

    ... requires spending both money and time. Taking into consideration expenses for insurance, original purchase, vet costs, registration fees, competitions, lodging and care when the owner is away and other services, the Swedish Agricultural University estimated ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Ukraine

    ... of such products are not limited by, for example, the trend for smaller dogs in the same way that dog food is. Euromonitor International's Pet Products in Denmark report offers a comprehensive guide to the ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Sweden

    ... this category has also recently seen increased demand for non-essential but fashionable products such as clothing for dogs and cats (including traditional Ukrainian costumes known as vyshyvanky) and reflective collars for dogs. This interest in ... Read More

  • Pet Care in India

    ... more booming in India. Cat litter grew fast because, besides food, it is the next important need of cats. However, cat litter is very fragmented with many manufacturers having their own cat litter brands. Consumers ... Read More

  • Pet Products in India

    ... care, were also affected by the economic crisis. Prior to the economic crisis, there had been a growing trend towards premiumisation (although mass brands dominated due to price sensitivity). More premium brands are becoming available ... Read More

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