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  • Saudi Arabia Insurance Q1 2021

    ... non-life and life sectors. In the non-life market, weakerprivate consumption will result in a downturn in the motor segment while lower trade volumes will dampen demand for transportinsurance. These losses will be offset by robust ... Read More

  • Angola Insurance Q1 2021

    ... crash in hydrocarbon prices in the middle of this decade.While we expect strong growth for the life market, this sector is rising from an extremely low base and only represents 2.1% of totalinsurance premiums, with ... Read More

  • Egypt Insurance Q1 2021

    ... crippled economic activity and weighed on businesssentiment. We are of the view that view that Egypt has significant organic untapped growth potential for both life and non-lifeinsurance and carriers will continue to invest into their ... Read More

  • Nigeria Insurance Q1 2021

    ... market in 2021. Still, both major segments are becoming increasinglyattractive for investments over the medium term, owing to the country's large and growing population, rising disposable householdincomes and improving business and consumer confidence. Widespread poverty ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Insurance Q1 2021

    ... will respectively see medium single-digit and low double-digit growthrates over the medium term. Growth in both markets is heavily dependent on the uptake of coverage among the relatively smallmiddle-class. Non-life growth, in particular, will be ... Read More

  • Ireland Insurance Q1 2021

    ... number of challenges, such as persistently highclaims costs in the non-life segment, including a significant proportion of fraudulent claims, and ongoing gaps in coverage in thedomestic life insurance market which suggests that providers are not ... Read More

  • Indonesia Insurance Q1 2021

    ... even if there are relatively few new users. The households thatunderstand life insurance and who can afford it are already using it. Other trends remain positive. The life insurers are investingtechnology to improve customer experience ... Read More

  • Barbados Insurance Q1 2021

    ... the country's sizeable expatriate population. While the economy remainsfragile and consumer confidence is tentative, we see a number of bright spots emerging for the insurance industry over the next fewyears. In particular, we see robust ... Read More

  • Qatar Insurance Q1 2021

    ... brightening. Real GDP growth will be healthy in 2021 aftera steep contraction in 2020, and all major economic verticals will feel the positive tailwinds driving business momentum. Ourforecast envisages the market to stabilise from 2021 ... Read More

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Insurance Q1 2021

    ... - in 2020. However, real GDP should return to the long-termgrowth trend (of about 3% annually) by early 2021. This quarter, we have adjusted our projections of premiums slightly. By mostmeasures, the insurance sector will ... Read More

  • Honduras Insurance Industry - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2024

    ... industry. This report provides a detailed outlook by product category for the Honduran insurance industry. It provides values for key performance indicators such as written premium, density, loss ratio, assets and penetration during the review ... Read More

  • Ukraine Insurance Q1 2021

    ... dependent upon the economy's recovery from the 2020recession. Similar to other markets throughout the region, Ukraine saw an increase in Covid-19 cases in Q420 and this could pushback the return of economic growth, which in ... Read More

  • China Insurance Q1 2021

    ... 2021 is much stronger as the economic outlookbrightens and theinitial pandemic shocks subside. We expect all major non-life lines to trend steadily upwards as pent-up demand isunlocked. Furthermore, we anticipatedigitisation and e-commerce investments to come ... Read More

  • Dominican Republic Insurance Q1 2021

    ... motor insurance, due to low household incomes andlimited consumer awareness around life insurance and other discretionary lines. Slowly, we are starting to seedisposable incomes creep upwards as the economy expands, providing stimulus for growth in ... Read More

  • Lebanon Insurance Q1 2021

    ... the August 4 Beirut port explosion. Efforts tocontain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic are also bringing noticeable economic consequences to the country and the effectsof the pandemic will continue to be felt in both ... Read More

  • Mauritius Insurance Q1 2021

    ... conditions improve, we anticipate a rise in household disposableincome levels post Covid-19. This will help drive growth in core lines such as motor and health and personal accident insurance.Meanwhile, a growing interest in the use ... Read More

  • Algeria & Morocco Insurance Q1 2021

    ... A return to robust economic growth from 2017, alongside a stable fiscal situation andexpectations the currency will strengthen, has fed into quite bullish forecasts for the market, particularly for the non-life sector.Morocco's life sector still ... Read More

  • Guatemala Insurance Q1 2021

    ... in the insurance market is dependent upon theGuatemalan economy recovering fairly rapidly from the 2020 recession, which in turn is reliant upon the ongoing containment ofthe disease and avoidance of further public health restrictions. At ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Insurance Q1 2021

    ... economy recovers from the sharp Covid-19-induced downturnin 2020. Basic lines will continue to dominate, reflecting potential users' low average income levels and a relativelyundiversified product range from a marketplace primarily made up of domestic insurance ... Read More

  • Poland Insurance Q1 2021

    ... The pandemic is unlikely to have a significant impact on premiums ineither of the main segments of the insurance sectors after the end of 2020. In fact, we have increased our projections for both lifeand ... Read More

  • Uganda Insurance Q1 2021

    ... premiums written, although the life sector will experiencefaster growth in premiums over the medium term. Covid-19 has, however, hit the industry hard, although premiums are expected tobounce back as the economy beings to recover, albeit ... Read More

  • Finance & Insurance Sector

    ... and insurance companies include AIG, Bank of America, Citigroup, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, and Wells Fargo (all based in the US), as well as Allianz (Germany), AXA (France), BNP Paribas (France), and Industrial ... Read More

  • Tunisia Insurance Industry - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2023

    ... industry. This report provides a detailed outlook by product category for the Tunisian insurance industry. It provides values for key performance indicators such as direct written premium, density, and penetration during the review period (2014-2018) ... Read More

  • Insurance Providers Global Market Briefing 2020: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery

    ... is due to large volumes of claims received by insurance providers from customers of life, health, travel and other insurance policies affecting their insurance companies’ finances. Also, reduced trade and economic activity owing to the ... Read More

  • Croatia Insurance Q1 2021

    ... the life insurance market during the forecast period asthe demand for non-life insurance and savings products steadily rises. Both sectors have experienced a decline in 2020 due toCovid-19 and are expected to rebound from 2021 ... Read More

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