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General Beverage market research reports include data on beverages such as soft drinks, beers, ciders, flavored alcoholic beverages, spirits, and wines. The global beverage market experienced total revenues of $1,836.1 billion in 2013, and is expected to increase to $2,245.6 billion by 2018.

Our General Beverages market research includes data that focuses on individual countries, as well as reports that have information on a global level. Reports include information on beverage consumption, retailers, products, and trend data such as sales and outlooks for the future. Global beverage reports also include detailed analysis on specific beverages such as hot drinks, non-alcoholic, drink additives, kid’s drinks, and many more. As health becomes a more prominent concern in households, beverages that are processed with added healthier ingredients that provide more benefits and nutrition will experience higher sales.’s collection of market research studies in the beverage market will help you stay competitive by having a comprehensive understanding of the beverage industry. Our beverage market research can help you discover multiple perspectives that will help you answer your beverage research questions or give insight into industry segmentation, size, and growth of the global market. Our market intelligence not only covers the drinks themselves, but it also analyzes industry trends, manufacturing, and packaging as well as business and management strategies influencing the market.

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General Beverages Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Argentina Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... vehicle sales to recover in 2019 as the country tackles the economic downturn. Vehicle production levelswill remain relatively unchanged since most of the production is exported to neighbouring countries where the economic situationis more stable. Read More

  • Colombia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... expect the expansion to continue in the coming years as the economyrebounds on higher oil prices, further business-friendly policies, and improved confidence. Though exposure to energy pricesremains a risk, an ambitious infrastructure programme, rising household ... Read More

  • Croatia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... market. Substandard regulatory environment and the lackinghealthcare infrastructure and financing will additionally limit commercial opportunities in the sector, despite its theoretical longer-term potential that will be supported by the gradual rollout of universal healthcare coverage. Read More

  • Czech Republic Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... and medicines, will continue to be key drivers of growth in the market overthe long term. However, Cuba’s relatively competitive local pharmaceutical industry and poor intellectual property environmentalong with a weak economic outlook will limit ... Read More

  • Italy Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... to 2022. This is low by regional standards and a reflection of the slow economic growth, an uncertain labour and stagnantreal wage growth. While there is demand for fresh, authentic produce that is locally sourced, ... Read More

  • Canada Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... that Cambodia will need to make substantial investmentsinto new capacity, and transmission and distribution infrastructure. The project pipeline, though currently relatively slim, isexpanding and encompasses new hydropower and thermal power plants, many of which are ... Read More

  • China Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... down in some of the largest producing regions owing topollution and land constraints. The government has acknowledged the challenge and is more reformist than ever, aiming to boostmechanisation and eventually allow the commercialisation of GM ... Read More

  • Vietnam Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... drinks. The country also benefits from a large young adult population,which will continue to not only support spending on the sector but also demand more modern retail formats such as mass groceryretail. In the drink ... Read More

  • Algeria Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... growth in real terms. Thereis, however, significant growth potential on offer in the market, in light of steady growth in private consumption, ongoingurbanisation, positive population trends and ongoing investment in modern mass grocery retail infrastructure. Read More

  • Brazil Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... profile.We expect to see cash and carryformats increasing in popularity as Brazil's price-sensitive consumers seek more attractively priced goods in the wake of thecountry's recent economic crisis. Premiumisation opportunities will begin to increase towards the ... Read More

  • Nordics Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... account for almost a quarter of total electricity generated in the market(according to our 2018 forecasts). A lack of incentive for investors in the market and limited consumption growth mean that atpresent the outlook for ... Read More

  • Tunisia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... shift away from multi-SIM ownership form our core view of the mobilemarket, although organic growth, albeit little, is still expected, attributed in part to tourist SIMs. Competition to migrate 3Gsubscribers to 4G will persist in ... Read More

  • Bahrain Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... rates, already high, continue to rise, boosting private consumptionand ensuring healthy per capita food spending, beyond basic staples. Increased health awareness as well as the impact of sugartaxes will drive consumers towards healthier and premium ... Read More

  • Serbia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... falling unemployment and improving credit conditions in 2019, albeit at aslower pace. Food and drink spending in Serbia is subsequently likely to remain on a positive trajectory through our forecast periodto 2022. Foreign investors will ... Read More

  • Caribbean Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... and investment in the food and drink sector.Puerto Rico will also experience strong growth in food and drink sales in 2019 as the sector begins to recover following economicrecession and severe hurricane damage. Economic and ... Read More

  • Chile Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... links with countries in the region and elsewhere. In the medium term investors will be able to takeadvantage of growing household incomes in order to increase domestic sales, although Chilean producers are still seeking newmarkets. Read More

  • Iran Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... rising inflation will weigh on domestic consumption. High inflation rates are likely to be themain driver of nominal growth rates in the Iranian rial; however, the food sector is an essential item so we expect ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... lines. This bodes well for food and drink spending over our forecast period to 2022, despite therecently introduced sin taxes on carbonates and energy drinks and restrictions on non-Saudi staff in the mass grocery retailsector. Read More

  • United Kingdom Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... towards premiumisation and health consciousness, which is leading to consumers spendingmore on higher quality goods, the mass market trend will be focused more on lower prices. This is driving the launch of Tesco's newdiscount store ... Read More

  • Australia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... 2018 and 2019. Premiumisation and healthification trends willcontinue to be the primary growth drivers across the industry. Australia's mature alcoholic drinks market will see only stagnantgrowth in terms of volume consumption, but there are opportunities ... Read More

  • Cameroon Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... in the country's northwest andsouthwest regions are likely to act as a drag on food and drink sales in these regions, and could begin to notably impact headlinegrowth figures should the curfews remain in place ... Read More

  • Germany Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... hopes to win over consumers with massive investments in its storenetwork and e-commerce, creating a more robust shopping experience for its customers. Online grocery sales accounted for just0.2% of its revenues in 2017, so there ... Read More

  • Greece Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... term, driven primarily by continued employment growth. Downside risks for consumerspending in 2019 include planned pension cuts and a forecast uptick in inflation. Household food and drink spending will remainfocused on budget and own brand-lines, ... Read More

  • Hungary Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... expansion in the medium term. We do not expect major shifts in Hungariandietary patterns, but consumers will opt for more expensive, high-quality food products across the board. A strong trend in health-consciousness, continued product innovation ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... do not forecast notable shifts in the country's dietary patterns, positive macroeconomic andconsumer outlook will offer opportunities for premiumisation across the board. Strengthening consumer health consciousnesswill shape consumer preferences, especially in the non-alcoholic drinks sector. Read More

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