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General Beverage market research reports include data on beverages such as soft drinks, beers, ciders, flavored alcoholic beverages, spirits, and wines. The global beverage market experienced total revenues of $1,836.1 billion in 2013, and is expected to increase to $2,245.6 billion by 2018.

Our General Beverages market research includes data that focuses on individual countries, as well as reports that have information on a global level. Reports include information on beverage consumption, retailers, products, and trend data such as sales and outlooks for the future. Global beverage reports also include detailed analysis on specific beverages such as hot drinks, non-alcoholic, drink additives, kid’s drinks, and many more. As health becomes a more prominent concern in households, beverages that are processed with added healthier ingredients that provide more benefits and nutrition will experience higher sales.’s collection of market research studies in the beverage market will help you stay competitive by having a comprehensive understanding of the beverage industry. Our beverage market research can help you discover multiple perspectives that will help you answer your beverage research questions or give insight into industry segmentation, size, and growth of the global market. Our market intelligence not only covers the drinks themselves, but it also analyzes industry trends, manufacturing, and packaging as well as business and management strategies influencing the market.

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General Beverages Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Indonesia Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... tourism sector is providing a boost tospending in all sectors; however, consumption of alcoholic drinks will remain very low. Mass grocery retailers will be well-positionedto take advantage of a number of lucrative expansionary opportunities on ... Read More

  • Kuwait Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... to shift towards fiscal expansion. This will in turn support consumer confidenceand real spending. As such, we expect growing demand for premium food and drink products. Rising health-awareness, which willbe encouraged by government policies, will ... Read More

  • Venezuela Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... food, drink and mass grocery retail industries in line with the wider economy. Over themedium term however, there is a chance of regime change in the country, and we believe that a new government would ... Read More

  • Latin America Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... 2017, over the near term (ie, 2018) food and drink spending will decline inUSD terms due to weak currency dynamics, notably in Argentina and Brazil. Over the longer term, rising disposable incomes willsupport expansion opportunities ... Read More

  • Central America Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... particularly as a result of the deteriorating fiscal situation in Costa Rica andheightened political uncertainty in Guatemala. Household spending in Honduras and El Salvador will continue to be driven bysteady remittance inflows. Lower income households ... Read More

  • France Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... emerged in September. Casinostated that it had rejected a bid from Carrefour, which denied that it ever made a bid. Consolidation would certainly provide somerelief to retailers saddled with heavy debt loads, unprofitable store locations ... Read More

  • Japan Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... medium-term forecast to 2022. Premiumisation opportunities, however, willcontinue to grow due to high per capita spend on food and drink and consumers spending more on higher quality food and drinkitems. We note that product innovation ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... as structural reforms finally yield positive results in countries such as Egypt. In the medium to longterm, we see diverging trends between developed Gulf markets and their North African counterparts. GCC markets, as well as ... Read More

  • Mozambique Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... country's economic outlook is set to improve as its large gas resources come online, while multinationalfirms are showing increasing willingness to invest large sums in the construction of plants, such as breweries, as sales increase. Read More

  • Bahrain Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... by the introduction of an excise tax on sugary and energy drinks in December 2017 over thecoming months, further encouraging a shift towards healthier alternatives. Meanwhile, we maintain our optimistic outlook for thefood retail sector. Read More

  • Spain Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... food and drinksmarket. The continued rise of mass grocery retail will support volume sales in the future and as the market becomes morecompetitive, these retailers will continue to invest in further refurbishment and modernisation programmes. Read More

  • Europe Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... European food and drink industry remains positive, with Central European andBaltic markets outperforming. In general, the prevalent health consciousness trend, consumer demand for innovative, locally-sourced and organic food and drink products will be cross-cutting factors ... Read More

  • Qatar Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... well over the remainder of our forecastperiod (2019-2022). Rising oil prices are having a positive impact on Qatar's economy which bodes well for consumer confidence.Qatari consumers are proving to be resilient despite the economic blockade. Read More

  • Ethiopia Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... currency devaluation in October 2017 will constrain consumer purchasing power inH218. Indeed, the country's high dependence on imported food will keep inflation high. Looking ahead, we expect inflation tomoderate from our forecast of 13.8% in ... Read More

  • Global Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... drink industry and reduce consumer spending as a whole. The perishable nature of food and drinkproducts means that it will be one of the first industries hit by the tariffs as these goods need to ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... drink market. In the shorter term, good economic growth in some of the region's key economies meansthat we forecast strong growth in both food and drink sales over our 2018-2022 forecast period. Rising incomes and ... Read More

  • Turkey Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... high inflation, rising interest rates and depreciating domestic currencyare expected to significantly erode household purchasing power over the next few years. Considering the increasingly challengingconsumer outlook, hard discounters stand to benefit as consumers move down ... Read More

  • Mexico Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... about the future of NAFTA remains, however, consumer confidence has surged since populistAndrés Manuel López Obrador won the Presidential election in July. This reflects optimism around the new administration's pledgeto raise the minimum wage and ... Read More

  • Tanzania Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... country in the medium term. Over our forecast period (2018-2022) bread, rice and cerealswill dominate food sales, while beer sales will dominate alcoholic drinks sales and soft drink sales will dominate non-alcoholic drinksales. However the ... Read More

  • Netherlands Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... 2018-2022.Having said that prospects for the country’s food and drinks sector remain largely positive featuring a dynamic, developedmarketplace with burgeoning consumer demand for healthy and value added product lines a key driver for ongoing growth. Read More

  • Oman Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... We expect to see increasing consumer spending on food and drink, which will drive investmentin the sector over our forecast period (2018-2022). Food spending will continue to contribute significantly to the consumer basket,followed by non-alcoholic ... Read More

  • Ukraine Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... incomes will weigh on consumer spending power in the medium term. Whilethe market holds considerable potential - holding one of the largest populations in Central and Eastern Europe - political stabilityand sustained economic development will ... Read More

  • Zambia Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... drink sector will remain strong for both the year and across the forecast period to 2022.Our view is that sluggish growth in the agricultural sector will counteract, to some extent, the benefits from stronger mining ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... consumer sentiment. However, the pace of expansion will moderate inthe medium term on the back of increasingly limited gains in labour market and picking up inflation. We do not expect major shiftsin dietary preferences, but ... Read More

  • Poland Food & Drink Q4 2018

    ... expansion of the food sector which will continue to consolidate, as the large Grocers andsupermarkets increase their presence across the country. The alcoholic drinks sector is experiencing a resurgence, withthe premiumisation of products pushing sales ... Read More

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