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The term utility is multifaceted. It either refers to an organization that provides a crucial infrastructural service, or the service itself. Electricity is an essential utility in our society and one that is heavily regulated and scrutinized. Since its introduction in 1882, with electric lighting, electricity has been an important component of life in America and life in developed countries around the world. Currently, electricity is viewed as a natural monopoly. The creation and distribution of electricity is only efficient if a limited number of organizations are allowed to participate in the market. Governmental regulation and control is typically limited to rate of return and cost structure. Independent vertically integrated entities thus have fidelity in the generation of power and retail of services. While some concern exists regarding price manipulation and reliable distribution to the consumer, the Electricity Industry has been open to multiple competitors in single market structures since the 1990’s which has led to improvements in efficiency. Currently EON located in Germany is the world’s largest electric power company, while Duke Energy is the largest in the United States. These corporate entities deal with all aspects of sales and production of electric power.
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Electricity Industry Research & Market Reports

  • China Power Q4 2018

    ... next decade. The share of coal-fired powergeneration in the total generation mix will decrease from 65% in 2018 to just over 50% in 2027, while the use of non-hydrorenewables, gas and nuclear will increase notably. Read More

  • Power Line & Telecommunications Infrastructure Construction Contractors

    ... Industries, Henkels & McCoy, MasTec, and SBA Communications (all based in the US), as well as Nippon COMSYS (Japan), Sirti (Italy), and TKH Group (the Netherlands). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by increased electrical transmission ... Read More

  • SG&A Benchmarks - Utilities Sector

    ... side comparison of 10%ile, median, and 90%ile values for each industry within the sector. The tables for each individual industry present both last year and this year SG&A as a percentage of sales and the ... Read More

  • SG&A Benchmarks - Energy Sector

    ... side comparison of 10%ile, median, and 90%ile values for each industry within the sector. The tables for each individual industry present both last year and this year SG&A as a percentage of sales and the ... Read More

  • Switzerland Power Q4 2018

    ... growth means that there is very littledemand for large-scale new capacity developments and the project pipeline is currently slim, resulting in downbeat forecasts for themarket. There is however upside risk for the renewables sector in ... Read More

  • Austria Power Q4 2018

    ... over the coming years. The government remains committed to the phasingout of coal-fired power and potentially could look to replace natural-gas fired power plants with renewable energy sources whilealso reducing the reliance upon energy imports. Read More

  • South Africa Power Q4 2018

    ... from a low base, will be the power sector's growthoutperformer. Nuclear capacity will not increase over this period due to high costs and low electricity demand. Financial headwindsat Eskom will limit the ability to implement ... Read More

  • Turkey Power Q4 2018

    ... A dollar-based tariffscheme for renewable power producers will play a major role in dampening the impact of currency devaluation on new anddeveloping renewables projects, ensuring continued investment in the power sector over our forecast period ... Read More

  • Israel Power Q4 2018

    ... capacity and generation will be modest over the forecast period, Israel'sposition is boosted by superior outlooks for Country Risk and risks within the power sector. After an estimated 0.9% rise ingeneration to 70.6TWh in 2017, ... Read More

  • Netherlands Power Q4 2018

    ... being the growth driver in the Dutch powersector over our forecast period to 2027. Investment in new thermal and nuclear projects will be deterred by the lack of financialfeasibility and pursuit of lower carbon emissions. ... Read More

  • Brazil Power Q4 2018

    ... sector indirectly via the economy's impacton power auctions and the earnings of foreign companies operating in Brazil. Despite elevated short-term risks, Brazil will offer long-term opportunities thanks to the large size of its power market, ... Read More

  • New Zealand Power Q4 2018

    ... mix could stimulate greater investment in the sector overthe coming years. The phasing-out of thermal power, particularly coal-fired power, will be a key factor determining the future growthtrajectory of the market. Should New Zealand wish ... Read More

  • Argentina Renewables Q4 2018

    ... renewable energyindustry. Argentina's attractiveness in terms of power demand, natural resources and supportive policies - however - has to beweighed against heightened economic risks; the peso has depreciated heavily over the past few months despite ... Read More

  • Italy Power Q4 2018

    ... as limited foreign investor interest in private developments. Therecent change of government is unlikely to significantly alter the planned trajectory of the market, with the focus remaining on thedevelopment of new renewables capacity and the ... Read More

  • Electric Power Transmission in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... period, the federal government and state public utility commissions (PUCs) provided generous subsidies and incentives, partly mitigating revenue lost from lower consumption. However, federal government stimulus only offered short-term aid and most have expired. Electricity ... Read More

  • Mexico Renewables Q4 2018

    ... strong support from the new government after the July 2018 elections, arange of financial incentives to attract private investors and the expansion of transmission and distribution infrastructure. Successfulpower auctions have bolstered the project pipeline and ... Read More

  • Uganda Power Q4 2018

    ... country at risk of power deficits during periods of lowrainfall. Regional interconnection and grid expansion projects are in the pipeline which, if successfully implemented, will improvepower security and electrification rates in Uganda. T&D losses will ... Read More

  • United States Renewables Q4 2018

    ... United States, and we maintain a positivestructural outlook for the market. Across the country's expanse, the US is well-suited to the development of new onshore andoffshore wind capacity, as well as solar, geothermal and biomass ... Read More

  • Romania Power Q4 2018

    ... average growth of 0.6% between 2018 and 2027.While gas will gain share as Romania boosts domestic gas production from the Black Sea and coal capacity is taken offline tocomply with European Union (EU) regulations, coal ... Read More

  • Germany Power Q4 2018

    ... out after 2022 while renewable electricity output will grow at a y-o-y rate ofjust under 4% over our 10-year forecast period. Due to a lack of sufficient alternate baseload capacity, Germany will remain relianton coal ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Power Q4 2018

    ... efficiency will curb consumption growth.Bulgaria's energy mix is unlikely to change as well-developed coal infrastructure and low costs keep it the main source of powergeneration. Nonetheless, renewed government attention on nuclear projects could pose an ... Read More

  • Kuwait Power Q4 2018

    ... often combined with desalination facilities, provide the vast majorityof electricity generated in the country and both sectors are set for further expansion through the use of public private partnerships(PPPs). The country has also committed to ... Read More

  • Worldwide Energy October 2018

    ... sources and applications. These include oil, gas, coal nuclear, electric, solar and the latest energy alternatives. Articles cover exploration and operation of various energy sources, and R&D and production of energy conservation products and processes. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Power Q4 2018

    ... to 2027. The slow uptake of renewables and continueddelays on nuclear power plans makes us bearish on the prospect of either power source becoming a prominent component of thecountry’s power mix over the coming decade. Read More

  • Spain Renewables Q4 2018

    ... of the forecastperiod. Growth will be supported by improving investor sentiment towards the sector, on the back of economic recovery, reducedcosts and favourable regulatory changes, in the form of the implementation of renewable energy auctions. Read More

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