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The music industry comprises of a variety of firms, companies and independents. Over the years, the market has adapted well to the many changes. The major concern in the music industry is profits gained from companies that partake in tasks like publication, distribution and production of music around the world. The creation and distribution of music happens in separate places. For instance, the retailing, manufacturing and wholesaling occurs in one place, and the production of the music takes place somewhere else. The publication of music sometimes requires the leasing of music as intellectual property, so that it can be used in live performances and beyond. There are a variety of sub-industries in the music field, which include live music, recording and artists. Then there are the behind the scenes professionals and staff that offer assistance and representation.

It's common in the music recording industry for compositions to be sold to publishing companies. These publishing entities collaborate with recording artists and studios in order to create music media. The retailers then sell this media to the general public. When consumers purchase the music, the retailers pay the recording company, who then pay the artist and publishing company, who then pays the composer.

Another music industry professional is a promoter, who is hired to assist with live music performances. The promoter works with the recording artist and the owner of venues where the artist will perform. A contract is drawn up between the venue and the artist. The booking agency promotes the artist and gets the live performance setup. Revenue is earned from the ticket purchases by the consumers.

It's common for a recording artist to hire multiple people to assist with his or her career. For instance, a manager oversees the career of the artist and earns a percentage of whatever the artist makes. Lawyers are also hired to help with contract details and financial transactions, taxes and bookkeeping are handled by business managers.

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Music Industry Research & Market Reports

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