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The insurance market includes a wide range of insurance products, including vehicle, health, travel, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, among others. The reports in this section are reflective of the broad range of the insurance market, with publications that present data on a large variety of topics. Insurance company profiles are available, with reports focusing on the insurance market in specific nations as well as international comparisons. Reports present data on premiums and claims, distribution channels, market forecasts, and plan reviews.
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Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Hong Kong Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...highsavings rates, the central role played by insurers in the organised savings landscape and mainland visitors. In the non-life segment, growth has been driven by accident and health insurance. The market is comprisedof major multinationals ... Read More

  • Luxembourg Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...environment, international outlook and large pool ofskilled, multi-lingual, financial services workers give it a competitive edge. In the non-life segment, credit &financial guarantee insurance and transport insurance should drive growth. Like life insurance, these subsectorsshould ... Read More

  • Costa Rica Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...and non-life insurance is to develop rapidly, though thepotential consumer market is limited (at around 5mn). The competitive landscape remains dominated by oneprovider, though the market is set to benefit from a gradual improvement in ... Read More

  • Mexico Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...for savings and investment in the country. The Mexican life andnon-life insurance markets have been becoming increasingly more attractive investment destinations for(foreign) providers. With the recently introduced Solvency II model, the market has become better ... Read More

  • Panama Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...partly due to the comparative affluence of the local population, while thepresence of a number of multinational insurers in the country ensures that the product offering anddistribution strategies on offer to customers are relatively sophisticated. ... Read More

  • Taiwan Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...factors are boosting demand for retirement savings solutions, in a territory wherehousehold incomes are high and the insurance companies' offerings are well understood. The ability of theleading life insurance companies to develop and distribute innovative ... Read More

  • Implementing Cognitive Systems in Insurance Organizations

    ...they can be used to improve customer experience, decision making, and operational efficiencies across various business functions. The study helps organizations build the business case and a road map to implement the technology."The insurance industry ... Read More

  • Indonesia Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...non-life segment growing more slowly than the life segment. Both segments should benefit from agrowing understanding of the advantages of insurance among households and businesses. A generally favourable economic outlook augurs well for corporate profits ... Read More

  • Namibia Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...currency and USD terms acrossthe period 2017-2021, spurred on by a recovering economy. Premium growth in USD terms should beespecially strong - particularly in 2017 - thanks to a positive snapback in the exchange rate, ... Read More

  • South Africa Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...and astrengthening rand. The diverse and well-developed product offering of South African insurers will helpcompanies to expand their customer base and to draw in first-time users, particularly in regard to lifeinsurance products and health and ... Read More

  • Tanzania Insurance Report Q3 2017 market is smalland dominated by a small number of players, the non-life market is fragmented and offers foreign insurerspotential for market entry via acquisitions. In terms of density, insurance premiums will total USD5.90 percapita ... Read More

  • United States Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...recent change in administration.Long-term demographic trends remain a crucial driving force of demand for both life and non-lifepremiums. In particular we note the growth of the country's retirement age demographic which is creating aneed for ... Read More

  • Venezuela Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...savings and household consumption levels. Furthermore, all metrics regardinginsurance reporting are distorted due to hyperinflation and a very complex exchange rate regime. We havefurther downgraded the GDP contraction rate and do not estimate any real ... Read More

  • Denmark Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...remain high. In the smaller non-life sector, health insurance is proving the outperformerand strong growth in this line will offset slower growth in motor and property insurance where competitionkeeps downwards pressure on pricing. The nature ... Read More

  • Lithuania Insurance Report Q3 2017 well asthe relatively low incomes of local households. Nevertheless, the currently growth trajectory of the marketis positive, owing to low levels of penetration, especially around smaller lines such as life and health andpersonal accident ... Read More

  • Bahrain Insurance Report Q3 2017 quiteconcentrated, with a heavy presence of foreign players, catering largely for the substantial expatriatecommunities, although the non-Life market is relatively fragmented and under-developed, suggestinggreater potential for additional foreign engagement over the long-term. Latest Updates ... Read More

  • Colombia Insurance Report Q3 2017 2021. Life sector growth will outpacegrowth in the comparatively well-established non-life sector as property insurance begins to cool off overthe next five years. Crucial drivers of growth will be rising levels of disposable household ... Read More

  • Life Insurance Industry Outlook in Singapore

    ...more partnerships and collaborations with digital disruptors, relaxed insurance regime, customer-centric product innovations, infrastructure enhancement to reduce paperwork and faster claims turnaround, wearables and healthcare-related initiatives. Top five technology trends include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, ... Read More

  • Israel Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...backdrop andpositive demographic trends. In particular, we see growth in household incomes and an expandingretirement-age population supporting further development in life and health insurance provision. Whileboth the life and non-life markets are relatively consolidated and ... Read More

  • Canada Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...GDP growth of 2.1% y-o-y in 2017. Although we have made minor forecast adjustments, our core view remains a bright one. The Canadianinsurance market is highly developed, with carriers offering a wide portfolio of products ... Read More

  • Malaysia Insurance Report Q3 2017 see solid growth, with average annual growth in thenon-life segment exceeding the comparatively well-developed life sector. A number of factors includingrising incomes, growing spending powers and increased insurance awareness will all support life and ... Read More

  • Thailand Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...Rising incomes, the growthof regional trade and the general expansion of the economy should boost premiums in both the life and thenon-life segments. The sector will continue to benefit from foreign know-how in terms of ... Read More

  • Nicaragua Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...aside from smaller regional players. The intrinsic lack of affordability of most discretionaryinsurance products in what is one of Latin America's poorest countries will continue to restrict the growthof the market. Conversely, we see a ... Read More

  • India Insurance Report Q3 2017

    ...sector. In bothcases, premiums will rise strongly thanks to the general growth of the economy and other factors. Both lifeand non-life insurance premiums will be boosted by innovation (in terms of product and distributionchannels). Such ... Read More

  • Health Insurance Carriers

    ...and UnitedHealth Group (all based in the US), as well as AEGON (the Netherlands), Allianz (Germany), and BUPA (UK). Worldwide, demand for private health insurance is rising, especially in developing countries such as India and ... Read More

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