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  • Hong Kong Tourism Q4 2018

    ... the latest Q418 Hong Kong tourism report to account for the stronger than expectedgrowth rates in the first six months of 2018. A confluence of factors will support international arrival and tourism receipt growth outto ... Read More

  • Zambia Tourism Q4 2018

    ... sector. The country will remain reliant on its neighbours for tourismarrivals and receipts will remain low. While Zambia boasts abundant natural attractions, such as safari parks and Victoria Falls, whichwill continue to entice visitors to ... Read More

  • Turkey Tourism Q4 2018

    ... the fall in value of the lira which has made the country one of themost attractive and affordable summer holiday destinations in the region. International visitor numbers are rising rapidly, driving uptourism related spending and ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Tourism Q4 2018

    ... to watch for the tourism industry include border controls, which could causeextra expense and delays for visitors from key source markets, and freedom of service arrangements, which are vital for the air travelindustry. The economic ... Read More

  • Germany Tourism Q4 2018

    ... both in the short-termand beyond. The tourism industry is supported by the country's well developed transport infrastructure, including a multitude ofcross-border connections, and competitive hotel and accommodation sector, which is home to numerous popular domestic ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q4 2018

    ... pristine beaches, a reputation for wildlife viewing and adeveloped safari network. The market had been hard hit by a series of terror attacks and domestic political unrest in recent years.Nevertheless, the future is brighter with ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Tourism Q4 2018

    ... which was not derailed by the coup in November whichresulted in Emmerson Mnangagwa assuming the presidency. Mnangagwa's openness to economic reforms offers the tourismsector the opportunity for recovery from the mismanagement of the last two ... Read More

  • Mexico Tourism Q4 2018

    ... 2018, we expect the number of arrivals to increased by 6.7% year-on-year (y-o-y) and the industry value growth tostrengthen. However, we note that visitors could be deterred by any worsening of violence in tourist areas. Read More

  • Taiwan Tourism Q4 2018

    ... organic growth potential that will be unlocked over the coming years. Drivers underpinningindustry growth will include supportive government policies to cultivate new source markets, improved bilateral relations coveringtourism promotion and innovative online marketing techniques. Additionally, ... Read More

  • Travel in Algeria

    ... Algeria appears to have become the most fashionable destination in the Maghreb. Unfortunately, however, such good press was not enough to drive a significant increase in the number of inbound arrivals in 2018. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Travel in Bahrain

    ... for by the residents of other GCC states arriving by land across the King Fahd causeway and these visitors tend to stay for only one or two nights. In an effort to lure air arrivals ... Read More

  • Travel in Belarus

    ... requirements and ongoing promotional efforts abroad brought positive results, as inbound arrivals grew. Even so, falling domestic tourism flows hint at a lack of real public interest in Belarus and its attractions. Whether the positive ... Read More

  • Travel in Cameroon

    ... the Anglophone crisis. While contained within a few areas of the country, the crisis has the potential to become more dangerous and widespread. Nonetheless, inbound flows continued to rebound in 2018, with the key source ... Read More

  • Travel in Cyprus

    ... destination, especially during more unstable times in rival areas such as Turkey or the MENA region. Growing consumer confidence in the Eurozone, a recovery in arrivals from Russia and an increase in air connectivity also ... Read More

  • Travel in Uzbekistan

    ... efforts to promote the country and build up the infrastructure needed to realise its growth potential have brought about increases in inbound and domestic trips. However, attempts to expand the country’s travel industry face challenges ... Read More

  • Travel in Guatemala

    ... world. However, a lack of tourism infrastructure and poor reputation as a dangerous location, limits growth. In order to surmount the obstacles, the government launched its Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development 2016-2026. The plan ... Read More

  • Travel in Jamaica

    ... many travellers opted to travel to Jamaica instead of their previous Caribbean choices. Having several airline connections helped to make Jamaica an easy and exciting option for travellers. Jamaica continued to concentrate on its usual ... Read More

  • Travel in Mauritius

    ... region, Mauritius has had to look for new markets. To tap into new territories and compete effectively with destinations offering the same, it has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign, branding the country as being ... Read More

  • Travel in Tanzania

    ... in Africa to own and manage national parks after South Africa, which leads with 22 tourist wildlife-protected parks. The country offers a diverse tourism product, ranging from wildlife and safaris to Mount Kilimanjaro, which offers ... Read More

  • Travel in Tunisia

    ... markets, such as the UK and Belgium, are lifting travel restrictions to Tunisia, while the country’s highly competitive prices are attracting tourists from emerging markets, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In particular, Tunisia is ... Read More

  • Travel in Kuwait

    ... decreased in 2014 and 2015, before returning to growth for the remainder of the review period. Kuwait also faces significant competition from far more developed destinations in the region, and it still lacks the necessary ... Read More

  • Travel in Nigeria

    ... mainly because the country is a major investment location and travel is strongly motivated by business. The destination also has few options in relation to relaxation or casual enjoyment. Euromonitor International's Travel in Nigeria report ... Read More

  • Travel in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... review period, the travel industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina soared, primarily driven by strong increases in inbound arrivals. The appeal of the country as a travel destination strengthened as European tourists showed more interest in culture and ... Read More

  • Travel in Estonia

    ... Estonia, thus Finland as the biggest inbound source market showed decline in 2017. On the other hand, the stabilised economy in Russia has had a positive influence on Russian tourists who have increased their trips ... Read More

  • Travel in Pakistan

    ... tourists. The industry, which has mainly been unexploited over the years due to the country’s insecure and negative brand image, has now been identified as an important driver of the nation’s growing economy. The government ... Read More

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