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Used in agriculture or construction, tractors are vehicles designed to move at slow speeds while delivering high torque. This high torque in tractors and other farm machinery allows for heavy agricultural implements to be towed behind or on top of the tractor. Tractors and other farm machinery are also known to provide the power similar to that of a semi-truck.

Tractors are typically known to be two-wheel drive. The classic Farm Tractor is a simple open vehicle that typically has two very large wheels on one axle. The word tractor is a Latin term, being the agent noun of trahere “to pull.” The word tractor was first used and recorded in 1901 meaning “an engine or vehicle for pulling wagons or ploughs.” The basic layout of the Farm Tractor has remained unchanged for years, but on more modern farm tractors, enclosed cans are fitted on most to provide more operator comfort and safety.

In the 1930’s, the “caterpillar” or “crawler” type of tracked tractor became popular in areas that are known for their heavy or wet soils, such as the Central Valley of California. In the 1960’s, four-wheel drive tractors began to make their entrance with some of the four-wheel tractors having the standard “two large, two small” configuration that is typical of smaller tractors. Some do have the four very large powered wheels as well. The larger tractors typically have a high center hinged design that is steered by hydraulic cylinders.

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Tractors & Farm Machinery Industry Research & Market Reports

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