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  • Tanzania Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... steady expansion in consumer spending over the comingquarters. While headline economic growth will marginally slow, the lagged positive impact on household incomes from a bumperagricultural harvest will offset any downward pressure on household purchasing power. Read More

  • Thailand Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... levels of unemployment and wage growth will continue to buoy consumer spending whilehousehold debt steadily falls from its high. Meanwhile, high frequency indicators of consumer confidence picking up and retail salesrising in tandem will further ... Read More

  • Japan Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... on Japanese consumption. The bright spot to our consumer outlook for Japan is the tightlabour market, driven by low levels of unemployment, wage growth and job security. Over our medium-term forecast to 2022,favourable market conditions ... Read More

  • Turkey Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... Turkish lira will continue to drive inflation, while high interest rates will raise borrowing costsfor households. Consumer confidence has also dropped to multi-year lows which will feed through to weaker, and likely negative,retail sales growth ... Read More

  • South Africa Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... improved significantly to all-time highs, this isn't translating into higherretail sales amid high levels of economic uncertainty. This outlook will improve going into 2019 as economic growth picks up butthese risk factors will ensure that ... Read More

  • France Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... recent months (June-August 2018), there has been a reversal in a number of key sentiment indicatorsthat imply that consumers are less optimistic than before with risks to the downside of our forecast. In particular, sentiment ... Read More

  • Ghana Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... outlook for Ghana’s consumer as falling inflation gives room to the Bank of Ghana to reduce its policyrate, easing access to credit. This will accelerate growth in Private Final Consumption and bodes well for consumer-facingcompanies. Read More

  • Israel Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... Consumer spending has been growing at rates faster than real GDP and consumerconfidence continues to climb. However, as the economy reaches full employment, it must be noted that inflation has beenreturning and it will affect ... Read More

  • Angola Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: Following two years of recession in 2016-2017, our medium-term forecast for Angola's economy is positive as increasingoil prices spur a recovery. However, elevated inflation will dampen consumer demand, keeping private consumption relativelysubdued. Read More

  • Direct Selling

    ... Food, and Tupperware, as well as Vorwerk (Germany), Natura (Brazil), Herbalife (Grand Cayman), and China's Infinitus, Perfect, and Tiens. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Personal income and consumer preferences drive demand for the diverse array of products sold ... Read More

  • Gabon Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... Gabon Consumer & Retail Q4 2018 Key View: While higher oil prices and a recovering oil sector will boost the economy generally, public spending cuts and highincome inequality will limit the rebound in private consumption. Read More

  • Retail and Wholesale in Indonesia

    ... growth of Indonesia’s manufacturing sector, and a strong domestic construction industry, also contributed to the industry’s growth over the year. Euromonitor International's Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market ... Read More

  • Retail and Wholesale in Australia

    ... spending. However, subdued wage growth and high levels of household debt were behind the year’s relatively weak performance. Euromonitor International's Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers ... Read More

  • Retail in the Age of the Empowered Consumer

    ... explains how the retail industry is adapting to these behaviours and highlights specific retailer examples. It concludes with recommendations on how to be successful. Euromonitor International's Retail in the Age of the Empowered Consumer global ... Read More

  • Retail Store Fixture Dealers in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... in per capita disposable income have and continue to encourage consumers to return to retail spending, providing retailers with the funds necessary to drive renovations and expansions, which, in turn, fuels the need for retail ... Read More

  • Germany Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... expected of this in positive economic environment. Even highconsumer confidence over the back half of 2017 and into 2018 has largely failed to translate into higher retail sales. Wage growthhas been sluggish but there is ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... outlook for Ethiopia's consumer market is positive over the medium term; however, we expect to see subduedconsumer demand for the remainder of 2018 as a result of headwinds from rising inflationary pressures on consumer essentials. Read More

  • Used Merchandise Stores

    ... (all based in the US), Bookoff (Japan), and Oxfam (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demographics, consumer income, and consumer tastes drive demand. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient procurement and effective merchandising. Large companies have ... Read More

  • Retail Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020

    ... ollowing: • Year-end and historical market data by sector • Trends and current business activities • Discussion of emerging e-commerce and mobile commerce markets • Review of the financial performance of market leaders • Retail ... Read More

  • Retailing in Ukraine, Market Shares, Summary and Forecasts to 2022

    ... the business environment and country risk related to Ukraine retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing Ukraine retail industry. During 2013-2015, the retail industry produced weak growth due to political and ... Read More

  • Retailing in Saudi Arabia, Market Shares, Summary and Forecasts to 2022

    ... information on the business environment and country risk related to Saudi Arabia retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing Saudi Arabia retail industry. The saudi arabian retail sales will increase during ... Read More

  • Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores

    ... and Dollar Tree (both based in the US), along with Dollarama (Canada) and Poundland Group (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumer spending, particularly among less affluent consumers, as most companies target the lower- ... Read More

  • Retail Construction Market Report – UK 2018-2022

    ... on the long-term estate strategies and construction and development programmes of the leading retailers in both the grocery and non-food sectors. The report should be of particular interest to retailers, supply chains and construction professionals ... Read More

  • Point of Purchase Display (EUROPEAN) - Industry Report

    ... analysis on the top 300 companies, including HMY FRANCE, MEDIA SQUARE PLC and HL DISPLAY (UK) LIMITED. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's ... Read More

  • Shopping Centres (UK) - Industry Report

    ... including ST. MODWEN PROPERTIES PLC, TRAGO MILLS LTD and FLETCHER KING PLC. This report covers activities such as real estate, offices, retail, development, environment and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over ... Read More

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