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The abstracting and indexing publishing category is comprised of those services that clients rely on to conduct research quickly and accurately. The driving force for this market is increasing the speed and productivity by imbedding information into a professional’s workflow. Thus, abstracting and indexing services have largely been focused on migrating from cumbersome print formats to speedy online services. In recent years, this effort has been ramped up to include handheld devices and cutting edge search technology.

Publishers are no longer just looking to get their once print-only content into a digital format. They are also striving to make that content as easily accessible and searchable as possible. The companies that can best integrate their research service into a users’ daily workflow will undoubtedly take control of the market segment.

Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) A&I databases have come a long way in just a few years. Once online access to STM content was limited to select journals, now the collection of content is nearly all encompassing. Researchers now have access to abstracts and indexes of patents, technical reports, dissertations, conference content, maps and chemical equations as well as book and journal content. Now, the sheer volume of STM content available online has created a need for tools that allow researchers to navigate this broad swath of material.

Players in the segment are investing heavily in technology that enables users to efficiently navigate their massive collection of online material. These technological advancements include enhanced search capabilities, improved user interfaces, mobile access and consolidated search.

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Abstracting & Indexing Industry Research & Market Reports

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