General Manufacturing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

General Manufacturing may refer to a range of production, from parts assembly to high technology, but is most often used in reference to industrial production wherein raw materials are processed into finished goods on a massive scale. Some industries such as steel and semiconductor manufacturers use the term fabrication instead.

Current manufacturing practices include all processes required for the production and integration of a product's components. Manufacturing is the use of labor, machines and tools to make goods for sale or use. Finished goods may be used in the manufacture of other, more complex products, such as airplanes, appliances or automobiles. Products may also be sold to wholesalers, who sell them to retailers, who then sell them to consumers.

Engineering and industrial design are linked indelibly to the manufacturing sector. Examples of major North American manufacturers include General Motors Corporation, General Electric, and Pfizer. Manufacturers in Europe include Siemens, Volkswagen Group and Michelin. Manufacturers in Asia include Toyota, Samsung, and Bridgestone

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General Manufacturing Industry Research & Market Reports

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