Payment Processing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The very basis of any transaction is the exchange of goods and/or services for some form of payment, making collecting that payment an integral part of the modern market place. Payment Processing, whether referring to a credit card machine on the counter at McDonald’s or a multi-million dollar corporation ensuring that medical billing is taking place properly, in today’s increasingly cashless business world, payment processing has become an increasingly important step.

Payment Processing covers the wide variety of non-cash payment methods and the companies that facilitate them, including (but not limited to), credit/debit cards, medical billing, Paypal and other online form of payments, Automated Clearing House, Electronic Funds Transfer, Wire transfers and remote deposit capture. These payment methods each come with their own unique sets of benefits and drawbacks, making understanding them vital.

With constantly changing regulations governing not only the Financial Services Industry, but also the changes surrounding the increased privacy expectations in Medical Billing, as well as the ongoing and widespread changes to the healthcare industry in general, Payment Processing reports are now more important than ever for a wide variety of consumers, businesses and organizations.

Here at, we have collected the very latest in Payment Processing reports for your convenience. Our collection of market research reports provides insights into payment trends and financial transaction processing. Specifics on key players, regulatory concerns, market share, segmentation, size, forecasts and growth in both the US and global markets provide further information on this important and growing industry within the Financial Services sector.

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Payment Processing Industry Research & Market Reports

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